#Bookworm AF

I love these Tumblr shots that Trang collected! They are so awesome, just like her!💖💚💛💙❤😗🤗


Sometimes I just randomly collect Tumblr screenshots because the people are being real as hell hahah and I noticed ALL MY PICTURES ARE BOOK RELATED. I decided why don’t I share with all my bookworm friends? Which is all of you!!

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  1. #bookloversday #mustread #newbook by #author #t #ponder #Mysticmedicine #goodreads

    BELOW IS THE #sampleread
    OF “Mystic Medicine”

    Reading can be a cure from boredom; this work consists of Short Stories, Haikus, Poems, and the Creative use of Foreign Language. I touch on a new mystery people are Researching named Astral Projection. I actually got the chance to sit down face to face with someone who claims that he has “Astral Projected” ->
    Also, independent Research of many topics that I enjoy reading on,
    Interviews, Learning of Foreign Languages, Views of Nature, Walks with Nature

    “Mystic Medicine” Written and Edited by: T. Ponder

    ‘The Author Of Mystics’

    “Magic Carp in Water”

    Carp in the water….

    fat from a carpet,

    the beauty that shows is

    far from a tarpit.

    “Shizen Season”

    Nature’s distant view is shojinkina,

    Hills upon hills that roll like thrills,

    Midori, exploring however motionless.

    “Like an Native View”
    Vivid colours, full pasture,

    Wild Horses in the plaster,

    Horsepower standstill in one normal photo,

    That’s vues so surreal.

    “Cold Sweat Winter”

    Frozen unthawed grass,

    Sweat splendor with sleepless depth

    Sick nights alone, Winter.

    “Scenic Vue”

    Whoever knew that snow can be akarui,

    Plants unpacked vivid sight entact.

    You can Read my Astral Projection SciFi Free PLUSMORE@ http://www.tpcreativeworks.wordpress.com

    Purchase link: http://www.lulu.com/shop/t-ponder/mystic-medicine/paperback/product-23484043.html

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