*~love, & you by Gretchen Gomez~5 Stars~*


I want to thank Gretchen Gomez for gifting me a copy of love, & you. I won this book in a Twitter Giveaway and all opinions and views expressed are my own.

Exerpt off Goodreads:

one day i met a guy
who stole my heart,
we created a world
for ourselves.
and another day
he broke my heart
and shattered
my soul.

i took the tattered
pieces of this
broken soul and
became anew.

– here lies the hurting, the healing, and the learning

(please be advised this book has mature content)

Review: Wow! I have not read a poetry book in a long time and was so glad I sat down and read love, & you. I won this book as a giveaway that many entered off of Twitter. I was like “Yay free book”. What I didn’t realize was the effect this book would have on me personally. The author talks about her heartbreak, trauma, sickness and eventually loving herself. I could relate to everything the author stated and could feel her emotions through the pages. I actually read this book in one sitting with my girlfriend Andrea and we were both stunned on how intense this book was and how much we could relate. Gretchen Gomez put her pain on paper and created an intense and heartfelt masterpiece. From someone who has battled mental illness, cancer and heartbreak, this poetry book was just what I needed to hold my head up. I fight everyday with my emotions and physical ailments. Love, & you was a short poetry book but packed the right punch. I needed to hear your story Gretchen, to change my own. 5 out of 5 stars!!!💚💛💜💙😁

43 Comments on “*~love, & you by Gretchen Gomez~5 Stars~*

  1. I’m reading this review here, and my heart actually skipped a few beats I think here. Wow, you have really been through a lot. I’m so very sorry to read this 😢All I can say is that I think your battle is going very well. How can I say? Well, because you are an absolutely amazing person. You are without a doubt one of the kindest people that I have met on the blogosphere (don’t know if that is even a word lol 😂😂), and I am very thankful for every comment, review, and all that you have written. Never let anyone tell you otherwise, and keep believing in yourself!. Even though some days might not go as well as you would like at times, always remember that you are a human and not a robot. We all have our struggles, but some struggles are harder than others. You just keep fighting the good fight: you are going to make it, and all I can say is that you should keep believing in yourself! 😊 As you so often say about others: you ROCK! 😀😀

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    • Awww Michel, you are such a kind friend! I have definitely been through my fair share of pain and trials. I’m even going through quite a few now but no matter what has happened or what I was going through I have always loved others even to a fault!😊 I have forgiven people who have abused me and hurt me the most. I am just not a person capable of hate. I have this game/goal in my head since I was 11 that always helped me get through hard times. Make atleast 3 seperate people a day smile each day. Even if I’m miserable and in agonizing pain I still live by this. I am such a free bird/spirit and when I became bed ridden recently the World of Blog gave me a chance to still be able to meet those goals and to spread some love like glitter. I have been through some craziness in my life but won’t let that hold me down. That’s why I love reading it takes me so many places! I loved this book and how the author expressed herself because I felt her emotions through the pages. I know what it felt like to be at that point. To love through yourself through all of that made my day because I remembered why I do all that I do in the first place. I’m glad I read this book. It was short and sweet!😊 Thanks for your sweet and positive comments! You have no idea how much I need them my friend! You are truly and amazing person and you ROCK!!!!😊💜💙💚 I’m so glad I met you through the World of Blog!!! Never change! You’re the best and your genuine kindness radiates Michel!💚💙💜

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      • Thank you for your very kind reply. I am pretty much the same. If ever I get in a fight with someone (something that rarely happens anyway), I always try to make things up again as fast as possible. I can’t hate someone either. No matter what they have done, I almost always forgive them
        I’m glad to read you are the same. That really is a pretty rare gift that not everyone is capable of. I think that is an amazing thing you do: make 3 people smile each day. You certainly have done that quite a few times here on your blog 😀 I really am sorry to hear that you have been through so much and still have struggles each day. I really hope things will get better for yiu, because you really deserve that 😊
        I know what you mean about reading. I love reading as well (I just lately spent way too little time on it, because of a lot of things that take up a lot of my spare time ). But I also love it. For me it’s the same thing that I have with movies. I love being transported away to a place for a while where I can forget about some of the stuff that bothers me at times.
        I’m really glad that you found your way to blogging and that it helps you so much. Never change yourself either! You are amazing, thanks for these incredible words! 😊

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        • That’s so awesome Michel! I haven’t really ever met anyone else that has the same quality and a lot of people look at is at weakness! We will have to chat on Twitter more sometime! Sometimes everybody needs to unload and can’t always be strong for everyone. I know it irks me! I burned out on movies. I went on a Netflix binge 2 years straight so now I’m to reading I need to find a happy medium!😁

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          • Ha…that is so true, actually it is spot on. I have heard so many people call it a weakness. I guess I can understand how people can see it that way, but I certainly don’t see it like that at all 😊
            We will definitely do that: no problem 😊
            Haha, I can understand how that could burn you out on movies😊 I still love them…wish I had a year off so I could catch up on all the books/movies/tv shows that I have missed out on 😊

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    • You are so sweet Trang!!!💙💚💛💖 You are the best!🤗😗 She is a cool chic and reading her book I just could feel her emotions. She’s very honest about her experiences. I saw in her bio she has dyslexia and I know how much of a battle that can be as well! Thanks for showing your love Trang!!! Hope work and school is doing well!🤗😗💖💛💖


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