*Creepers of the Internet via Social Media*

So we all have recieved strange messages and/or pics via social media that leaves us sitting there thinking “Wtf?!”

One extra special day on three different social medias. I had these crazy situations happen so I felt like maybe I should share.

First up via Twitter, we have this guy and one of the first things he asks me is what my nationality is and continues to go on… I respond to see how these guys will react.

Then we have this lovely gentleman via Instagram, that the first thing he says to me is a pretty surprising question…

Last one, I’m going to share with you is just a friend request via Snapchat and I must give him an A for his creativity.

28 Comments on “*Creepers of the Internet via Social Media*

  1. Lol…it always surprises me, the strangeness that sometimes happens on the internet. These are all way too funny😂😂 (and I guess a bit creepy as well 😅).

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    • I agree creepy and funny all in one!!! Bahaha.. All in one day too! LMAO😂😂😂 I don’t know why they bother me?! I am not pretty or anything. When this happens all thr time I think “Sir you must be lost or confused.” Lol😂😂


      • What kind of talk is that? You are not pretty? Never say that about yourself, really that is sooo not true. Just take a look in the mirror a couple of times 😊
        But yeah…as I said internet can be a pretty strange and at times creepy place. But luckily we can still laugh about this 😂😂

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        • I just saw this comment and it was very sweet!!!😊💖💙💛💜 I look in the mirror and at pics and UGH! I definitely don’t feel attractive at all but I figure I am awesome so I guess it makes up for my lack of looks.😊 Internet is CRAZY. Lol.

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  2. I’ve had guys like that on Instagram. They act like it’s a dating site. It’s hilarious!

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