Appologies to Anyone who Felt That I Was Being…

racist by the shown picture. I was told I was inadvertently being racist and just wanted everyone to know that is not who I am. I have fought for equal rights for many minorities. Also a big chuck of my nationality is Asian. My ancestors are from the Philippines. My race is mixed and consists mostly of minorities, I’m disabled, polyamorous, and a pansexual. So pretty much the definition of a minority and proud. I know I’m a lot of things but hating someone especially for the skin color is just not me. Hating anyone for that matter is just not me. So if my picture offended anyone I appologize. I laugh at other’s stupidity like the ones who make these silly and funny memes, it’s just who I am. You rock guys and hope you have a great day!😊 That is all folks!

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    Sometimes we are labeled as a thing by people who have no clue who or what we are about. If you upset someone by this image, maybe that someone needs to take a hard look at themselves to see why they think they know you.


  2. No worries at all. If there is one thing I know you are not it’s racist. You are always very kind and sharing towards other people. So really no apologies necessary 😊

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  3. Dani I just fell in love with you (and I’m straight ;-)) Honestly it’s so admirable what you’ve done here. Way to go girl! I love when someone admits he/she could be wrong there is no greatest strenght than that.

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  4. The word “racist” never entered my mind when I saw the cat in the oven. I almost wrote that a dog in the oven being cooked by Vietnamese would be even better. Yes, some Vietnamese people eat dogs; it was/is part of their culture. Dogs are animals. Animals are made of meat. Meat is edible. No ill will or racism or other negative thoughts meant toward the Vietnamese. Different cultures have different dietary habits. It’s life. So, don’t sweat someone calling you racist for what was simply intended as a joke. Some people’s sensitivity has a hair-trigger. There’s WAY too much political correctness these days (which I despise!). Different jokes for different folks (or something like that). 🙂

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    • Lol. My chinese friend is the one that even showed it to me. Haha but still it made me uncomfortable just one person saying that. I love everyone and don’t care who you shag or love, what kind of problems you have, if you are poor as hell or rich as fuck, or whatever color you are! Just who I am!😁😗🤗 All about the free love. I’m kind of a hippie. Lol.

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  5. Aww, I’m so sorry you were called that Dani!! You are one of the sweetest, loveliest people that I have met!! Just ignore it…we know you aren’t a racist!! ❤ ❤

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  6. Ya know what? I’m not racist either but I find the worse things funny. Be like Chelsea Handler, she fights for rights, she’s not racist, but she will tell you that she makes fun of EVERYONE. Including German Jews, which she is. Her dad was Jewish, her mom German. It’s not like you said all Chinese people need to be shipped off back to China, in a boat. Then, I might find that offensive. Except i suppose I couldn’t because I’m not Chinese, but you get my point. I make jokes about everyone, especially white people, & I’m a white. I got all the white ancestors. Irish, Scottish, German, & a lil English!

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