Review + #Giveaway: Gray Hawk of Terrapin 

Check out this awesome giveaway featured on Taiwo’s blog! Taiwo is an awesome and supportive book blogger!😊

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Hey guys!! I’m teaming up with Prodigy Gold Books to organise a giveaway for Gray Hawk of Terrapin. This was an amazing book that I read and really enjoyed. You’ll find a short review here and there’s the giveaway link at the end. Make sure to enter it for a chance to win a paperback copy of this book.

An e-ARC of this book was given to me by the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Author: Moss Whelan 

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Publisher: Prodigy Gold Books

Publication Date: 23rd January, 2018

Pages: 320



“You must be strong in the face of the fear. You must live as though it doesn’t exist. Because it will ask you to. And you must not. Give it an inch and it will take everything. It is the masters of illusion and will stop at nothing to obtain your slavery.”


Melanie Fraser also known…

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4 Comments on “Review + #Giveaway: Gray Hawk of Terrapin 

  1. OH MY!!! The publisher made a terrible mistake on the front cover! It reads “A Wretching Story of . . .” It should have been “A WRENCHING Story of . . .” That’s a BIG “boo-boo!” I checked their website and sure enough the brief synopsis reads “A wrenching . . .” Hopefully they will change the cover on future printings. Oh, nice review! 🙂

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