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*The Selfie Generation*

Here’s my take on it:

“This is how I get the fellas!”
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56 thoughts on “*The Selfie Generation*

  1. I have never taken a selfie. Years ago, I used to put a camera on a tripod, and use the self-timer so I could be in group shots. But I have never used a camera, or phone camera, to take a picture of myself. Modern apps available now can doctor photos so much, we never really know if the person really looks like that anyway. But I enjoy seeing other people’s fun selfies, and yours too. 🙂 x
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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    1. You’re right, Pete. I have seen girls online look like a model with all the photoshop and make-up but in person they look like a normal person. I had to go to a bridal dress fitting Sunday and all these girls were like “Omg we need to take a selfie” and ended up taking 50 to be satisfied and said “change the filter” 20 times! Then I ran across these photos so snapped a pic, one and done!😉 To have this much swagger it comes natural!😍😎

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  2. Haha I hate.selfies Dani and my daughter loves them. I always find that I am ugly *joking* too serious or a too long nose or… you get the gist. Yours are fantastic but I wonder what kind of fellah you catch with such selfie 😂😂😂

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    1. I usually settle on the first one. I think I look funny in them all so might as well settle. Lol. I just think these girls that try 50 million and are like “OMG, LETS TAKE A SELFIE?!!?” Makes me cringe a little. My daughter does it too! Lol. She calls me old because I still call a hashtag, pound. Hehe. I get all the fellas with a pic like this. This is the kind of picture I send if someone asks for a sexy pic of me online!😎😄


  3. I only like selfies when I get to annoy my boyfriend with them. I don’t even want to know how many I have with me having a crooked grin and him pulling faces on the background. :’)
    Aaand sometimes we simply need a good selfie to use as a “decent” profile pic but.. yeah.. Maybe we should all switch them to something with crazy faces! 😀


    1. I like taking a good selfie for my profile picture but its usually one and done. Unless I am completely bored but some girls are crazy with it! I think you look beautimous in your pics! We should all change them to crazy photos!!! Yaaaasss! Like whenever the duck face was so popular! OMG I never understood that one. The duck face selfies!!!!😱😱😱

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      1. Duck face? NO. SERIOUSLY NO. I hate those. And the most stupid thing is that I caught myself doing it once or twice as well because I was getting too used to seeing them and.. NOPE.
        Aw, thank you! Same for you! I seriously love the way you do your eyes; makes them pop like crazy!

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      2. Aww that’s so sweet! Yay!!! *happy dances* My lips are so big when I do the duck face it’s more like one of those big ass birds like the one that was on Finding Nemo or maybe a hippopotamus.. Either way its bad and when everyone was doing it, I cringed at the site of a selfie because I knew it was coming. I avoided Facebook that year!😥

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    1. I’m not into selfies really either. I am a one and done kind of girl but some girls take 50 and pick 1. I guess I just give out those sexy vibes like my pic in my post! Has to be the best pic of me yet! I LOVE your profile pic though Lili! I think it’s so awesome with all the books and at the same time I’m thinking “Oh snap! Don’t drop them books on ya head girrrrlll!!!”

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      1. Hahaha,,, Now that reminds me of a disaster… Are you familiar with Book Spiral… Usually in bookstagram they do so many cool things with books just for the picture…And I was once obsessed with taht I was doing a book spiral and I just couldn’t do it. I ended u just stacking the books and took selfie.. And yeah, there might have few bruises involved in that experiment,

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  4. I’m not very good at selfies (well…to be fair I only got my smartphone since last year lol), but I hardly take any 😂😂
    This picture of you was so funny! 😂😂😂 Really had a tear in my eye when I saw it lol 😂😂 This was just so you 😘❤️

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  5. HA HA HA!!! I had a woman on our bus to the resort who was in her 60s and couldn’t grasp the concept that you could put a phone in selfie mode, so she kept flipping the screen away from her to try to take the picture through the front camera and getting half her face and her daughter kept trying to yell at her telling her to hit the ‘flip camera’ button with her mom yelling ‘But I AM flipping the camera!’ it was priceless. Lmao! Oh selfies… Why??


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