Josh Rossi ~ Real Life Superhero

I just adored this post that fellow book blogger and awezome friend, Kim put together. This along with everyone’s kindness has made me meet my ugly crying quota for the year!!! Thanks for sharing, Kim!😙

By Hook Or By Book


Back in 2017, photographer Josh Rossi became famous with a photo series of sick and disabled children turned into Justice League superheroes.


So what could he do to possibly equal that? He found 15 kids who have been victims of horrible bullying and turned them into the Avengers of Bullying! Josh and his wife Roxanne got the idea after seeing the trailer for the new Avengers: Infinity War. He’s spent the last three months working on this incredible project and here are just some of the results.


Jackson Bezzant was born with Treacher Collins syndrome which has left him with facial deformities. Viciously bullied and called “monster” and “freak” by classmates, he’s now Captain America, the leader of the Avengers in their battle against the ultimate bully of the universe, Thanos.



Sydney Gerardis (Gamora), was contemplating suicide when her “friends” told her they’d throw a party if she died…

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