LGBTQ Pride Month 2018

I absolutely LOVE this quote that my Book Sister, Kim shared! If you haven’t checked out Kim’s book, and news blog, you are missing out! This quote is beautiful and it means so much as a polyamorous pansexual woman to see allies like Kim and other members of the community taking a stand in whatever way it may be, it’s inspiring. Xoxoxo,

By Hook Or By Book


The beauty of standing up for your rights is others see you standing and stand up as well.

~ Cassandra Duffy ~

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18 Comments on “LGBTQ Pride Month 2018

    • You’re welcome and I just had to share it!❤ You are such a talented blogger, Book Sister!😍 I hope you don’t mind me reblogging your stuff on the occasion. I realized that maybe it was rude of me not to ask first? But I don’t know the proper etiquette of blogging, to be honest.😶

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        • Awww!!! Yay!😍 I am the one that feels honored that I could feature your posts on my blog. How would you feel about me doing a blogger interview or feature your blog post for you sometime? I mean I know you’re busy and not feeling the best right now but if you ever want to, hit me up!😉 I can send a few questions and you just answer what you want and I will try to make the post pretty and tell people about your blog but I understand how unwell you have been so no worries just email me if ever interested. Lol. But enough with that rambling on. Are you feeling any better?

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