Update and Cute/Funny Video To Uplift You

So as Hurricane Florence comes towards the East Coast, we were left with no choice but to stay here. The shelters wouldn’t take our animals and we couldn’t make it to one anyways. We have been having alerts blowing up any device for the last two days.

My dad did make sure my place was tied down and gave us a phone we could use during this time. Please continue to keep our family in your thoughts and/or prayers as we await Florence’s arrival. I also have been very sick coming off one of my medications Cold Turkey because all the pharmacies shut down. Oh pooey! So I have been horribly sick and worried but have been watching Cute and Funny Videos when I can and reading to try and make it through.

Check out this video my friend Michelle sent me and I will have another post folling for the next video which I find hilarious!

40 Comments on “Update and Cute/Funny Video To Uplift You

  1. Please, please, please be careful! I’m so sorry y’all couldn’t get out. Based on the forecasted track, y’all shouldn’t get the brunt of it, but keep tabs on the water levels. Prayers for y’all’s safety. 😊

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  2. That Loca video is great, but I am concerned that she has something wrong with her hips that stops her running!
    My thoughts are with you all as the storm comes in. Fingers and toes crossed, as well as bum cheeks! 🙂 X
    Take care, lovely Dani.
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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  3. Hope you get through this and pleeeeeeeeese be careful and be safe. Best wishes and love to you and your wonderful family

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  4. Oh god Dani, this is a terrible situation to be in. I keep seeing updates on the news and thinking of you. How ridiculous that shelters don’t take pets and you’re not able to get the medication that you need. Really really hope that you’re ok xxx

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