Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! You guys have been missed. :/

Hey there my bloggy friends! I know it has been life forever since I posted!🤕 I know, I know I am quite ashamed that I have missed out on my bloggy hoppin’, posting reviews, and just being a regular part of the community. I miss the days of Blog more than you can imagine and wish I have been here but it’s been helluva ride this last year or so. It’s just one of those times (we all have them) when it’s not one thing it’s another or your mother.😉 Lately, I have been battling some serious illnesses that have K.O.d me, like really have thrown me on my ass, with the family concerns with financial matters to worry and depression and anxiety made it 10 times worse. Bah! But I am not here to whine about my woes and how life tore me a new one because in the end I am kind of glad of the experience.

It was all a weird strange of events and a huge amount of helplessness and falling on my face but in the end I am able to look back and see where I was blessed and one of the places that I have reaped the most blessings and have been able to surround myself with amazing people is here of all places! The World of Blog.❤🎁🎄 So I am thankful this holiday for the fact that I still have this blog and if all is willing that I give my blog another chance to thrive and be there more for my friends of the blogosphere.

I hope everyone is able to forgive me for my absences and my rambling on and allow me to take part of this great community again.😊 I have missed so much of you dearly. Kim, Pete, Fraggle, Michel, Kristen, Stephanie, Carrie, Trang & Lashaan, and so many more! You guys are diamonds and are greatly missed. Also my author friends such as Didi Oviatt, Annie Woods, Misty Mount, Brenda Drake, Angelina Kerner and many more! I know I need to be blog hopping your way and reviewing all of tour great books that I habe read and if you weren’t listed doesn’t make you any less special btw! If I had to name everyone it would be pages and pages long but point is that all of you have made a huge impact in my life and I plan on making things right by Touch My Spine Book Reviews with this upcoming New Year! Woot!

What matters most that I wish all of you a Happy Holiday and if you don’t celebrate the holidays I hope your upcoming year is even better than the last as Well! There is so much pain in this world and I hope no matter where you are in this obstacle we call life that you are able to make the best of what you have.❤🎁🎉

Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!

Cheers to many more post and shenanigans to come!🥂🍾🍹

6 Comments on “Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays! You guys have been missed. :/

  1. Hope you’ve had a beautiful holliday season! I’ve missed your posts, and YOU! I’ve slacked off in blogging this year too, also battling anxiety and deep life struggles. May 2020 be a positive turn around for us both my friend, and may our health and confidence conquer it all ❤❤❤

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