Review for Nerd and Shining Armor by Vickie Lewis Thompson🏝📚

I read Nerd in Shining Armor by Vickie Lewis Thompson. I give this book 4.75 stars out of 5! I definetley reccomend this book folks and theres some pretty down and dirty scenes in here as well. Like when Jack ravished Gen… Hmmm… I like that kind of roleplay myself and was nice to reach Jack the Orgasm Man so he says… Some points I was wishing to be Gen. Anyways my revieq is belo qq1, leave me some love fellow bookworms📚✏🤓🏝🌴☉

Genevieve is asked by sexy and womanizer boss Nick to go on a business trip. Nick is well known for these business trips because he always takes a different secretary and hits it and quits it. Genevieve believes that Nick is her true love and she can change his ways. Jack, a geeky programmer is told by boss, Matt to go on the trip as well to help customers. To say the least things go unexpected and Jack and Gen are stranded on an island together. Everything gets turned around and Gen uses her from the Hollow hillibilly ways to work with computer genius Jack to get to know each other in so many ways. Annabelle(Gen’s mom), Lincoln (Gens wild little brother) and Matt go on there own adventure to search for everyone. This book is quite the adventure of The Beauty and the Geek. This book is a great summer read. I really enjoyed it and at some parts I almost peed my pants(thanks motherhood!) at the way Gen talks and shows her true self. At some points she aggravated me slightly but I always live the story where the Nerd wins the girl or guy. I’ve always gone for the type of man that Jack is. Sweet and will walk on fire for you to show your worth. I would reccomend to anyone looking for a romantic comedy and a nice beach read.

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