How I feel about my TBR pile!

There is so many good books and not enough time… Crap on a cracker!

27 Comments on “How I feel about my TBR pile!

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  2. Wowh… That’s a lot of books!
    This post makes me feel too underread to be giving any advice… but I will try..

    Trying to talk about how to finish the whole pile would be like talking about taking on the world.
    Try taking it one day at a time or one book at a time. 😉
    Pick what you are in the mood for today and enjoy it..think about the next book when it’s time to read the next book. Skip the books that do not interest you anymore.

    Add all the new books to the list of books you will but once you have finished all the books you wanted to read from your pile.
    But if there is a new recommendation that is keeping you up at night…by all means go for it (the heart wants what it wants), read it, and get back to your pile.

    P.S. You don’t want to read books faster than the speed that allows you to enjoy them…what will be the point otherwise. 🙂

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    • You’re right! Thank you so much for your feedback! I think I just let my attention span go crazy. I battle dissociation so I’m constantly everywhere so messes with my reading. I actually also have mild dyslexia! So i should be proud that I’ve read a 100 books since February. I guess we all can be are own worst critic. Thanks again and you’re exactly right the heart wants what it wants. Now I got that song stuck in my head lol!🎧📖🎶🤘

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