**🌟Sprinkling Positivity like Glitter🌈**

Just thought it never hurts to have some motivational quotes and to know no matter what you have done or been through, you are worth it!!!🤗😎🤘🥂

Lots of positive vibes sent everyone’s way! You got this😉

34 Comments on “**🌟Sprinkling Positivity like Glitter🌈**

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  2. Love motivational quotes! Also like ‘a book a day keeps reality away’! So true. As you like recommendations I’m going to say I love historical fiction so can recommend loads of those, but my fave book series of all time (and I’m old so that’s a LONG time 🙂 ) is by Manda Scott and is called the Boudicca series. 4 books to the series and the world building is awesome, characters you can almost have a conversation with, history incorporated, passion, violence, romance, Romans, magic, it’s got the lot! And beautifully written.

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    • Thank you so much for the recommendation!!! And age aint nothing but a number😉 You can be more mature and still be bad ass! I will definitely be checking that series out! I enjoy all kinds of fiction, historical included! Thanks so much for your feedback and recommendation! By the way Jessica Rabbit is my Favorite! She rocks!🌈🤘😉

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  3. Thank u v much, Dani for Liking /Following my stuff – so pleased to see u!
    I am amazed at how groovy your site is and looking forward to catching up!


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