*~Happy New Year~*

Hey lovelies! I hope everyone is having fun celebrating the New Year!

Please make sure to be safe and remember that looking like a hot mess falling down drunk could land you on the internet!

I am so thankful I met every single one of you! Becoming part of the blogosphere was the highlight of my year! Woot!🙌🙌🙌

Let’s all forget the shitty stuff of last year and try to focus on being more positive!

But really guys, here’s to an even better year and being the badasses we are!

Love all of y’all!!!





  1. Haha, great way to start the New Year 😀😀! Those gifs were seriously funny 😂😂 Happy New Year Dani, LOVE that picture😘😍❤️Hope this year will bring you so much happyness, you deserve it! 😊😊

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      1. It’s certainly a cute one, of course I can’t help but get a chill looking at the short sleeves right now…. I’m in a big baggy sweatshirt because it’s currently -9 outside and dropping a few more degrees by morning. Looking at record lows, ick!

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      2. Haha we’re not quite as bad but believe me I can somewhat relate because if Indiana got anything like they get over on the east coast sometimes we shut down too. 2-3 inches and it’s fine but more than that and uh oh. LOL

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  2. I’m late to this, Dani. I stayed up until almost 2 am, and managed to also stay sober, despite drinking two bottles of red wine…Have a wonderful year, hopefully better health, and a great time with your family and children. I am going to try to stay positive in the coming year, with the help of great blogging friends like you! 🙂 :)x
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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      1. LOL only one consumption for me in my glory days HAHA…. I’ve lucked out so many times when I totally should have wound up in the tank.. The last time was bout 4 years ago and my husband talked a security guard (who had me slung over his shoulder) to let him take me before the cops showed up.. WHEW… close one LOL… That was my last big hooraah before I decided to steer clear of whiskey for good 😉

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      2. LMAO! So funny. Me and one of my best friends got in trouble because we ended up pulling our tops down so that only one tity hung out and we started talking to the manager at an adult store and we were complaining about the price of a very large dildo like 16 inches being too high and were pointing at him with the dildo and all with it being straight faced seeing his reaction and he didn’t know what to say so he called security and the security guard said “ma’am do you realize that your tity is hanging out and so is your friends?” He was older and his face was priceless. We acted like we didn’t know what he was talking about and he said “listen boobsy twins, I don’t know if this is a fashion statement or the fact that you smell like a brewery but even in an adult store you can’t have your tities just hanging out!” We called him sexist and my friend ended up throwing up on his shoes. Him and the manager ended up dragging us out the store saying they didn’t even want to wait for the cops to have us gone. Man did I do some crazy shit and because I have D.I.D my alters have ended up doing crazier shit and I would wake up in jail with a different name and no idea what happened. Smh. My glory days were insane looking back at them. Geez. Lol

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  3. Happy New Year, sweetest Dani! Meeting you was one of the highlights of 2017, so grateful for having you as a friend! I wish you and your family a wonderful 2018! Love ya, girl! ❤


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