Blog Tour: The Stone Arch Secret by K.D. Dowdall

I want to thank Reads and Reels Blog Tours for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity and all views and opinions expressed are my own.

Title: The Stone Arch Secret

Author: K.D. Dowdall


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***Readers who like books by Debra Burroughs and Melinda Leigh will like, The Stone Arch Secret.

Twenty-eight-year-old anthropologist, Lilly Allaire, receives a phone call telling her that Dax is dead. The cause of death is unknown.
At the age of fourteen, best friends, Lilly and Dax, experience a traumatic incident. After the incident, Dax is institutionalized in a psychiatric hospital in a catatonic state. For Dax, his memory loss is a subconscious act of self-preservation, a blocking out of all memories. Lilly still suffers a blocked memory of that day and has frequent nightmares.
After Dax’s funeral, Lilly decides to go back to Salmon Brook, her hometown, to find out the truth about the mysterious incident that destroyed Dax’s life. While searching for clues to the incident, Lilly has a chance meeting with a former high school classmate, Noah Hawthorne.
Noah remembers Lilly as his high school secret crush and offers to help her. Together, they try to unravel the mysterious incident that plagues Lilly’s dreams and turns them into nightmares. They soon realize that their hometown has a deadly secret and both their lives are now in danger. However, Noah has a secret of his own that puts Lilly in harm’s way.

I absolutely LOVED The Stone Arch Secret by K.D Dowdall! I have to be honest and say I was a bit sceptical when I saw it. I mean the premise sounded awesome but this was a new author for me. I am so glad I gave this book a shot! The story had a great mystery and a sweet romance without the freaky, freaky added to it which I enjoyed!

You guys know I love to add to my review when a book I have read can relate to my life. Well this one did in a couple ways but mainly what Dax and Lilly went through stuck out the most to me.

As some know, I was in and out of institutions growing up because of a severe mental illness caused by some severe trauma I went through as a child. Well Lilly still goes through blocked memories and nightmares. I have night terrors about every night and because of having D.I.D. I battle amnesia from different parts of my life.

The reason I could relate to what Dax webt through was because I was institutionalized atleast 3/4s of my life and I also went through catatonia for about a year. I couldn’t believe when I came to that I got to that point but I did.

The characterisation in this book was fantastic and the plot was great. Even though this was a light read, it was full of depth. I won’t soon forget The Stone Arch Secret by K.D Dowdall and I highly recommend this story!

Karen DeMers Dowdall (K. D. Dowdall), born in New England, has a Master’s degree in Nursing and a PhD in Nutrition, spent her elementary-grade school years in the small farming community of Salmon Brook, settled in 1680 by a stalwart group of Europeans. She grew up exploring its hauntingly dark forest preserve, swimming in Salmon Brook with a plethora of the unexplained, exploring Rock Fall Caves, and ice-skating on a “haunted” pond in winter.
Karen has also traveled abroad and has lived in the Republic of China, Saudi Arabia, and England. Karen’s new fiction, Garrett’s Bones, is a mystery, murder with with a dash of romance and the paranormal. Karen’s first novel, Delphi Altair Strange Beginnings, is a fantasy fiction adventure story. It is now available on Amazon October 2016. Visit her website at

38 Comments on “Blog Tour: The Stone Arch Secret by K.D. Dowdall

  1. If there is one thing I love about your reviews, besides the always incredibly fun and awesome gifs, and wonderful descriptions you include: it’s your bravery. The life you have had is not an easy one, but to talk and share things that are so very tough, is just something I have such amazing respect for. All the things you went through, more than some people have ever experienced, and despite all that: you stil are a constant source of optimism. Lady: you are an inspiration 😘
    Wonderful review, for what I think is an awesome read and that I have just literally added to my to read list 😀Thanks for such a personal post again. To say it in your own words: you rock ! 😘😘❤️❤️

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  2. Dani, you never cease to amaze me. When you review a book like this and share the similarities in your life, it’s a reminder that these things happen to people in real life. While I didn’t go through what you did, I do have huge gaps in my memories of my childhood. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.😕

    Anyway, I was recently contacted by Karen, our fellow blogger, and she’s sending me her books including this one, so now I’m really psyched!🤗

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  3. Dani, thank you for this very special and beautiful review, it deeply touched my heart. You are one incredible and very talented young woman. Thank you from my heart, Karen 🙂

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  4. DANII ❤️❤️😍 so happy to be back on blog hopping and back to your wonderful posts AS WELL ! Its nice to see that you can relate to the book and moreover being brave about what happened in your pife :’) You are forever my hero ❤️❤️! Love this review !!😍😍

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  5. Reblogged this on K. D. Dowdall and commented:
    Dani, *Touch My spine Book Reviews*, thank you for an incredibly beautiful review of The Stone Arch Secret and to add how it, how it touched you personally, touched my heart! Thank you, from my heart! K. D. Dowdall 🙂

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