Prime Deals for Students and Low Income Families

Hello my lovely friends! I’m sorry that I haven’t been as active lately due to some medical and family emergencies but have some posts that are scheduled that are book related and some that are not. Well this can be book related because a lot of booknerdigans use Amazon because the Prime prices can be oh so nice. Well recently becoming an Amazon affiliate, I have learned of new ways to save some money to us that are on the lower income side *raises hand* and/or a current student!😊 If this could benefit you guys, you can click on the following links and/or images and it will also benefit me as well! It’s a win/win situation! *raises the roof* I hope some of you guys can benefit from this post and I swear all your info is secure! I was so excited to find this out because as a struggling mother of 3 I can’t afford a prime membership but they do have the diaper subscscriptions that save you atleast 20% on diapers. Heck even without getting a subscription, I was able to get 140 pack of size 6 LUV diapers for 20$ tax and two day shipping including which is total awesome sauce! I also know I love Amazon’s office suplies and used them when I was a student so you guy’s can totally benefit there! Love ya guys and I will hopefully be back full time to show you all the attention and LOVE you guys deserve!😍

Click the image to get a discounted rate!😊


 Click on the image to view or get Student Prime Benefits!

30 Comments on “Prime Deals for Students and Low Income Families

  1. Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, Dani! Thinking of you! I remember buying my diapers from Amazon when my daughter was little, and they were a great deal!! I couldn’t find them cheaper anywhere! I have Amazon Prime, but I wish I had known about the Student prime one when I was taking classes last semester, hahaha! That’s a great deal! 🙂 Hugs!! ❤

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    • Thanks so much Stephanie! It’s been a rough past couple weeks but I am trying to get it all together ASAP! Man that stinks a little too late on knowing about the student prime. I thought that was a great deal too. Hope you are doing well!😍


      • Aww, so sorry to hear that!! I’ll be thinking about you!! I know it’s tough with the medical things. I’m on so many meds now that I was diagnosed with Lupus and with my fibro and my chronic migraines that I feel like a walking pharmacy, Lol! My kids are making fun of me, but whatever! You have to do what you’ve got to do to try and feel ok! I hope things get better for you soon! Wish I were closer to help!! It does stink about the Prime, but oh well! I wish they had it for teachers!! Take care! 🤗😘

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        • I’m so sorry to hear that sweetheart! I do know how you feel about the pain part. I have fibro and rheumatoid arthritis. So I get ya there. My kids call me old and busted. I hope you are doing well sweetheart. I know every day is a struggle with having an autoimmune disorder.😭😭😭 *gentle hugs*

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          • Thanks, Dani!! I feel awful for anyone with fibro, so I do feel for you! I think if you don’t have it or a chronic pain disorder then (most people anyway) don’t really know what it is like to live in pain every day. Haha, if you’re old and busted, then I’m ancient and broken since I’m older than you!! LOL!! I have good and bad days…you know 🙂 Gentle hugs to you too my friend!<3 ❤

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            • I completely understand Stephanie! Unfortunately the last few years there has been very little good days even being on chemotherapy pills for all the inflammation and steroids. It’s been such a miserable road. When I got my inflammation blood tests done, they said it was at levels of an 80 year old with osteoporosis!😢 I feel so bad for anyone for any pain disorder and definitely fibromyalgia. It’s so misunderstood and people don’t understand why it’s so hard for us.

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            • Oh Dani, I hate to hear that!! I really do! I’m so sorry the chemo doesn’t help with the pain. I’m doing daily steroids now for my lupus and it has helped some with the overall inflammation but not a lot, so they want to start me on chemo drugs the end of Feb to treat the lupus symptoms if I haven’t responded better by then, but I’m so leary of it and a little freaked out. I know they tell me it will help, but I can’t help but think it’s such a dangerous drug and the side effects. And I’m already having awful side effects with the steroids. I think the meds are sometimes just as bad as the freaking disorder! That really does suck about your inflammation levels! I know mine were high, but they didn’t say anything. I have autoimmune thyroid too and endometriosis, so everything is always high, or I’m always hurting somewhere, lol. At least I can laugh about it since that’s just my normal. My husband gets a cold last week and freaks out, and I was just like….are you for real??? You are right, people don’t have a clue what it is like having a chronic pain disorder! Hugs, sweetheart! ❤

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            • I completely understand sweetheart! It’s such a struggle! I hear you about men complaining and whining about a cold when I can barely walk to the bathroom. In the beginning the chemo pills helped and they do sometimes but they can also effect your liver and mine is already bad. I have the same difficulties unfortunately as you mostly. It is funny because we are just so immune to being autoimmune and in pain but we make it through girl and so we are strong and survivors!!!😍🤗😘

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            • We girls definitely are tough!! And so true..I think I’m so used to pain that it ALMOST doesn’t phase me anymore,lol. Every day is pain, so I’m just like ok…of course there are those days that it’s so bad that it is hell, but you know what I mean!! We tough girls have got to be tough for our kids 🙂 And stick together!! ❤

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  2. Really nice of you to share this, and of course also great that this helps you as well. Really, again no worries or need to apologise. You just focus on getting better first: we will all still be here, and we are not going anywhere 😘❤️

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  3. It’s tough being a mother of three, there’s a lot to juggle and not only money wise. I don’t know how you manage! I can’t even keep a plant alive for long xD
    Thanks for this, though, it’s always helpful no matter your station and Amazon has never let me down until before 🙂

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