What, What! Kindle Fire Price Drops!!! Sales! Tablets for a Bargain! Yeaaaahhh Baby…

Hey lovelies! I just wanted to share with you that for a limited time, Amazon dropped the prices for their kindles on all of the latest sizes! Click this link if you are in the U.S. to view the latest Kindle deals!!! Woot! Starting at $39.99 you can own a brand new kindle fire and you can do all kinds of shit with it! You can enlarge your text, use the WordPress app like I am right now, and you can do whatever the hell you want to do online! Check out the links below to click on my affiliate links so they can make my stats look good and you can shop for your Amazon products! No pressure though! Just sharing this fantabulous deal with you guys because I rate my kindle fire tablet 5 freaking amazing stars! I don’t know what I would do without it! I rather have it than my phone!😵 Check out the shit below on the latest deals my LOVE for the newest kindle prices! They even dropped the latest kindle 10 like 40$!!

Click this link if you are in the U.S. to view the latest Kindle deals!!! Woot!

I don’t know anything about the money in the U.K. but they have it on sale too and now you can download the kindle app, try prime for free and check out these awesome deals on kindles via Dani through the Amazon programme! Whatever your heart desires or doesn’t desire!

U.K. citizens can Click Here for the latest deals on the Kindle Fires and other shit!😍

I love you all and just wanted to share this awesome deal with you guys because I know it won’t last long! Love y’all in the mouth! Have a fantastic week!😘 XOXOXOXO 🌹💜🌹💜

27 Comments on “What, What! Kindle Fire Price Drops!!! Sales! Tablets for a Bargain! Yeaaaahhh Baby…

    • I use to be that way too Michel! Lol. The good thing about the kindle fire is that it has apps just like an android phone or anything so is great for movie lovers, people that love social media and the works! But I know how you are with technology! LOL😂😂😂 I completely understand with books. I am actually an eBay affilate once I figure it out but you can get print books for 3$ a piece buy 2 get one free!😍 Thats the way I use to buy them! But I know different strokes, different folks!😄 There’s so much you can do on your smartphone these days which I know you just upgraded! LOL 😂🤣

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      • Haha, yeah me and technology don’t get along all too well I am afraid lol. And I don’t think I will ever switch to reading books electronically though…I love the real book thing just a little bit too much for that 😊😊
        Yeah…I probably only know half of the functions of my smartphone. I use it for whatsapp and occasionally checking my blog when I am at work on breaks. But that’s about it. So yeah…probably missing out on a lot 😂🙈


  1. This is great news. Should I take this opportunity to buy a new one? 😂 But I think mine still has a few more years in it. Thanks for sharing this!

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      • That’s just under $50 US, Dani. The pound is poor against the dollar now. Still much cheaper than when it was launched though. I think it was £99 at the time, so half as much now.

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        • I knew it was on sale! So YAY for good prices!!! I saw that great sale and was like WOOT! Makes me want to upgrade but I have to be happy with what I got!😁 I have the Fire 8 HD which is one of the newest and plays youtube, movies like netflix and amazon and reads everything, I can even use it to play my ebooks with text to speech and pretty much get free audiobooks. So its pretty handy. I like that it has the WordPress app on it as well. Now I’m rambling on. Lol. Sorry but that’s great they dropped the prices all around. Thanks for sharing with me about the price differences!

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            • LOL, I do think you have enough electronic devices! Lol! Three Samsung tablets? Damn! I am going to ninja thief one! Just kidding but I definitely think you and Julie are well equipped with your electronics!🤗😘💻📱⌨🖱 You should be good for awhile!😘

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            • Julie has filled up two of her tablets with photos of her grandson, so they are running slow. I bought her that latest one last year, and she is already complaining that it is not ‘fast enough’. I don’t know anyone else with three Galaxy 10-inch Tabs, believe me.
              My laptop is new, free of charge as an Amazon reviewer. It is as well specified as my PC, so I am ‘saving it’ for when the 6 year-old PC dies! 🙂 x

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            • Wow! Pete what an amazing deal to get a FREE laptop! Peanut butter and jealous! Have you suggested to Julie to maybe get a bigger micro SD card so she can just load all the photos on there and it won’t effect the speed of her tablets or any apps she uses or what not. I have over a thousand books on my kindle but doesn’t mess with the internal space at all!😀 You can do it with photos as well and cheaper than getting another tablet hon!😉

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            • I know how us ladies can be. LOL 😂 Sometimes we are stuck in our ways! Especially about our stuff like electronics! I know, I don’t want someone to tell me what to do with my kindle! But man it would be helpful for her! That’s so awesome about the laptop! I will be checking out your awesome review!😍XOXOXOXO

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