Pen and Paper… What’s Been Happening Without The Internet..

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Hey there lovelies!💖 I just wanted to fill you in on my days that I have been without the internet and a short time that the electric was cut off. Well I have made use of pen and paper. Well duh pan and paper is in your title. Let me explain this better, I am working on my first novel.😊 I never thought it was possible that I could put so much depth into words but I have! Awesome Sauce! It still is going to take a bit to finish but it’s in the works. It’s a thriller/suspense novel that is based on true events which happen to be ones I lived through. I can’t wait to get to the point of publishing and I already know people for beta reading(hell to the yeah!) But I also have done more while I was away. I have been volunteering as a life coach and tarot reader to help people in need.😊 I know there is a lot of skeptics out there but mostly I was just helping people by giving them guidance through Oracle Cards(which have all positive messages) to help guide them along their journey. Even though I am disabled, it has always given me much pleasure to help people. I have even done the suicide hotline recently and also volunteered with the local soup kitchen and with drug and alcohol counseling for people trying to face their addictions. Being a part of these things and also writing my book have been a great coping skill for me.😊 I know I am in need in so many more ways even though I was blessed more than I could ever imagine but it gives me hope to know I am helping other people. I know many people might wonder whom might want help from the lady at rock bottom, well sometimes we all need help and who else better than someone who understands and has the degree to back it up? I pray that all of you have a great holiday and if anyone wants to talk or a reading feel free to email me.  Your privacy is #1 and I offer free general readings and really just do readings after that by donations if you have it but all in all just like everyone has helped me I want to help them if they need it whether it’s talk and guidance Tarot, Numerology, Astrology or just talk for hours, I am here.😊 Also I will be more active thanks to the help I now have internet and looking for some kind of work! I am so glad glad that I was blessed and given hope With my fundraiser! I have to admit, I was just surviving and wasn’t in a good place. If you don’t know what fundraiser I am talking about click below and as far as writing does anyone have any tips or suggestions? Sorry for my rambling guys you know how I get!!!😵

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20 thoughts on “Pen and Paper… What’s Been Happening Without The Internet..

  1. Great to hear that you are not only diverting yourself by working on a novel, but also by giving your time to the community in the best ways possible. Whatever else happens in your life, you will always be a good person, someone who does ‘The Right Thing’. 🙂 X
    Best wishes as always, Pete. xx

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    • Thanks so much, Pete.❤❤ I was giving my time until recently. My son’s father was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. If its not one thing its another but I have been making use of that pen and paper. I’m glad you think highly of me because I think so highly of you so that means so much. Xoxoxo.❤❤❤❤

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    • Thanks so much, Katie!❤❤😍 I have been doing the best I can. It’s been a rough ride but I have been trying to write as much as possible.❤

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    • Thanks so much sweetheart!❤😍 It makes me feel better to volunteer like I am doing something useful. I can’t wait until I publish my novel and you are able to read it!!!❤🙌❤🙌


    • I have to keep myself busy or I would lose my mind through all of my chaos. I am also trying to teach my children the value of helping others.😍❤🙌🌞


    • Thanks so much, Jacquie!❤🌞 I had to make something work during all the pain and chaos and what’s the better way than helping others?😊❤😍

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    • Lots of love to you, Nina!❤😍🙌 I had to do something through all the chaos and pain I’ve been dealing with and at least it’s been useful.😊❤🌺 Thanks for all your support.🌞❤😊🌺

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  2. I’m sorry I’m so late commenting Dani, and that I’ve been MIA. I just wanted to let you know what a class act I think you are. I do hope 2019 goes better for you.😙

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