Update in Dani’s World

Hey everyone! I just wanted to stop in and say hey and that I hope everyone is safe and well. I am so sorry to my friends, authors, publishers, & fellow bloggers for being so absent recently. I know everyone has their stuff & are going through so much because the world has gone a bit crazy and I am deeply sorry I haven’t shown enough support on this platform. Unfortunately, I have been with loved ones who have battled coronavirus and a couple did not win that battle. So while dealing with these obligations & grief, I have been so scared to go online and see more news of people battling and suffering. It has caused enormous anxiety that I am trying to defeat. I also had some technical difficulties this last month when I wanted to come back and post some reviews but WP wouldn’t allow me to sign back on without renewing my domain? Which was all weird because I had credits on my account and they just couldn’t get their stuff straight. Smh! Anyways, I just wanted to extend my apologies and say that you all have been in my thoughts. I will hopefully be making a come back ASAP and am doing my freakin darndest y’all to focus on the positive.❤ You guys rock & stay safe everyone!😍❤💐

22 Comments on “Update in Dani’s World

  1. So nice to see you, but sad to hear your news. I lost one of my best friends to the virus in May, so understand.
    Take care, and keep in touch when you can.
    Love and best wishes, Pete. xx

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  2. It’s never necessary to say sorry for something like this. I am truly sorry about hearing about your loss😔 This year has truly been horrible😢 You hang in there as best you can, and please stay safe yourself!😘❤️

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  3. You’re having a rough time, reason enough to devote a little effort to your emotional, mental and physical health. We’ll be here whenever you want to pop in!

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  4. 😘💕 hi sweetie! Let’s stay in the positive my lovely unicorn, looking forward to 2021. Didn’t like this year, wouldn’t recommend it, 1 out of 5 stars, I would make origami with its pages.

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