Review of Plum Lucky by Janet Evanovich

This was a hilarious read. I love me some Lula. Stephanie’s ride or die definetley made this story for me. When she was being a “distraction” OMG! So much titty action and offerings of sexual favors! I was laughing my a** off! unfortunately my health has me kind of bed ridden so I have been enjoying light reads. I have been enjoying anything light to keep my mood positive while I’m not in the best place. Stephanie is a kick a**, sarcastic, hot mess and loveable character. Lula and Stephanie are the kind of girls you want to spend the evening with forgetting about standards and having fun taking a walk on the wild side. One word of caution to my fellow bibliophiles; don’t overdose on Stephanie. When reading this series you want to take breaks because overdoing it losing the surprise and fun of her sarcasm and hot mess self. So my fellow Plum lovers, my advice would be read Plum sporadically! Also Team Morelli. I Love both but I can’t get enough of the Itallian yumminess. Got to love them Itallion stallions. The point of all my rambling and random outbursts is I highly recommend this book if you want a good laugh! I almost peed my pants (Thank you motherhood). The in-between series is not as good as the original series but still got the kick ass characters and full of laughs! Just want to throw in there for sh*ts and giggles that Grandma Mazur you are my hero!!! When I get old I want to be just like you!!!

Review for Sizzlin’ Sixteen by Janet Evanovich

Hey fellow bookworms, book molesters and bilbliophiles! I decided on reading another Plumtastic book, Sizzlin Sixteen and I’m glad I did. This book wasn’t lmao funny like the last one but still had its bouts of shits and giggles for me. I enjoyed how there was a different spin put on this book with getting to know about Vinnie. He is quite the character. This book is filled with Hobbits, stoners, special brownies, crazy FTAs and the usual custom hilarious characters that I just love. Like who cannot love ex hooker Lula! She’s my kind of girl crazy and doesn’t give a flying crap what others think. We should all strive to be more like Lula… If you got it ‘flaunt it’ and no matter what you came from just be your bada** boss self! I still think I’m #teammorelli but I’m thinking free love Stephanie enjoy them both! Ranger and Morelli are both the kind of men that male you forget your morals and your panties!! I read this book lwithin a day a couple weeks ago. If you’re looking for something to brighten your mood I reccomend this book for you. I have more reviews to share and want to fix my site but having technical difficulties and thats just a bunch of crap on a cracker. I just finished Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson and heck yes that shit was the bomb dot com. Love everyone in the mouth! Until next time fellow book lovers!

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2017 Eclipse in Moncks Corner South Carolina

So hello everyone and hope everyone is having a better 2017 Solar Eclipse day than me. I know, I know I am supposed to be looking at the darn glass half full. Well today I rant because my mother got my family and I these cool solar eclipse glasses(the ones people are half naked on the side of the road selling for 10$ a piece). Da*mnnnn, for the way these things look you should expect sexual favors at that price included! But anywho, I woke up making plans with the little offsprings to watch this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to skip some reading time to do so. So eclipse officially starts at 1:16 and all the blogs are talking about the clear skies! Yeah Baby! *does cabbage patch* Free once in a Lifetime experience!

So 1:15 gets here and it starts raining…..😐 Okay going to stay half full we dont have totality until 2:45. So I sit out in the rain and keep trying to see this special ooohh and ahhh event. The rain continues to get worse and thunder! To top things all off and to put the gravy on top of my mashed taters; the rain starts clearing up right as the eclipse ends and stays cloudy. This blows and we could have been reading! I mean, HELLO NASA you said this was supposed to be the bees knees for us folks in the Lowcountry instead you flooded our yards, took up precious book reading time and wasted my mama’s money! I mean God bless the woman she was a tiny thing and my head was huge for her labor. Anyways thank you mama for being sweet and trying to do something awesome for me! Now I am not trying to say I had it the worst! It was expected to have like a million visitors in my area and people were even charging people ridiculous amounts for room and board. How awful that so many missed out. I am so thankful that I didnt have to travel for the Eclipse.

So end of rant and I hope somebody has a better eclipse story than I do and would love to hear! Right now I am reading Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson. So far the book is freakin hilarious and comforting me that I can’t dance around naked during the eclipse(jk). This book offers a whole different out of this world experience! I will be updating reviews on here and fix up my site so bear with me folks. Love your faces and put them in a book! Please share your Eclipse experience with me so I can possibly see the half full side.

Zen for Cats by Henry N. Beard

This was cute! It has different little poems and chants all from a cat’s perspective. If you’re a cat owner, looking for something quick to read and light humor I reccomend this book.

Cold Case Witness by Sarah Varland

I loved this book! I’m a christian but a very open minded one! This book was very fulfilling and warmed my heart. I loved how the main characters realized that our past doesnt have to define who we are. I really enjoyed this book and reccomend it especially if you want the suspense without all the gore and such.

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