2017 Eclipse in Moncks Corner South Carolina

So hello everyone and hope everyone is having a better 2017 Solar Eclipse day than me. I know, I know I am supposed to be looking at the darn glass half full. Well today I rant because my mother got my family and I these cool solar eclipse glasses(the ones people are half naked on the side of the road selling for 10$ a piece). Da*mnnnn, for the way these things look you should expect sexual favors at that price included! But anywho, I woke up making plans with the little offsprings to watch this once in a lifetime opportunity and I am going to skip some reading time to do so. So eclipse officially starts at 1:16 and all the blogs are talking about the clear skies! Yeah Baby! *does cabbage patch* Free once in a Lifetime experience!

So 1:15 gets here and it starts raining…..😐 Okay going to stay half full we dont have totality until 2:45. So I sit out in the rain and keep trying to see this special ooohh and ahhh event. The rain continues to get worse and thunder! To top things all off and to put the gravy on top of my mashed taters; the rain starts clearing up right as the eclipse ends and stays cloudy. This blows and we could have been reading! I mean, HELLO NASA you said this was supposed to be the bees knees for us folks in the Lowcountry instead you flooded our yards, took up precious book reading time and wasted my mama’s money! I mean God bless the woman she was a tiny thing and my head was huge for her labor. Anyways thank you mama for being sweet and trying to do something awesome for me! Now I am not trying to say I had it the worst! It was expected to have like a million visitors in my area and people were even charging people ridiculous amounts for room and board. How awful that so many missed out. I am so thankful that I didnt have to travel for the Eclipse.

So end of rant and I hope somebody has a better eclipse story than I do and would love to hear! Right now I am reading Undead and Unwed by MaryJanice Davidson. So far the book is freakin hilarious and comforting me that I can’t dance around naked during the eclipse(jk). This book offers a whole different out of this world experience! I will be updating reviews on here and fix up my site so bear with me folks. Love your faces and put them in a book! Please share your Eclipse experience with me so I can possibly see the half full side.

Zen for Cats by Henry N. Beard

This was cute! It has different little poems and chants all from a cat’s perspective. If you’re a cat owner, looking for something quick to read and light humor I reccomend this book.

Cold Case Witness by Sarah Varland

I loved this book! I’m a christian but a very open minded one! This book was very fulfilling and warmed my heart. I loved how the main characters realized that our past doesnt have to define who we are. I really enjoyed this book and reccomend it especially if you want the suspense without all the gore and such.

Review for Full Blast by Janet Evanovich

his book was a effin blast! I love Jamie and Max’s characters. There’s a scene in the book where he whispers in Jamies ear that she will be going with him. It was just hot and I love my dominant males. Its like “yes sir, I will go home with you and you make me do whatever you want” Wait did I just say that aloud. lol. Anyways, the book was not completeley erotic but just love when Max gets that dominant side. Oh and I love me some Muffin. lol. Not that kind of Muffin but don’t mind that either. Okay back on subject my randomness is out of control. Muffin is hilarious with her sarcasm and hot mess self. Man I wish I had a talking computer/car with Muffin installed! She would be installed to tell me raunchy jokes and make innapropriate statements! I’ve been on medicine because of some chronic illnesses so has me a little loopy but what the hell share the love baby. So back to the book, I definetley reccomend this book to someone who is looking for a quick, hilarious and a little bit of something erotic. There is not much scenes that are erotic but theres finally some FIREWORKS! A large amount of people like to compare her other work to Stephanie Plum but this series is its own class. They are both funny series just different. But to each is their own. Whatever tickles your pickle but this book tickled my pickle and lightened my mood so I reccomend it and 5 freakin hilarious stars!

Review for Nerd and Shining Armor by Vickie Lewis Thompson🏝📚

I read Nerd in Shining Armor by Vickie Lewis Thompson. I give this book 4.75 stars out of 5! I definetley reccomend this book folks and theres some pretty down and dirty scenes in here as well. Like when Jack ravished Gen… Hmmm… I like that kind of roleplay myself and was nice to reach Jack the Orgasm Man so he says… Some points I was wishing to be Gen. Anyways my revieq is belo qq1, leave me some love fellow bookworms📚✏🤓🏝🌴☉

Genevieve is asked by sexy and womanizer boss Nick to go on a business trip. Nick is well known for these business trips because he always takes a different secretary and hits it and quits it. Genevieve believes that Nick is her true love and she can change his ways. Jack, a geeky programmer is told by boss, Matt to go on the trip as well to help customers. To say the least things go unexpected and Jack and Gen are stranded on an island together. Everything gets turned around and Gen uses her from the Hollow hillibilly ways to work with computer genius Jack to get to know each other in so many ways. Annabelle(Gen’s mom), Lincoln (Gens wild little brother) and Matt go on there own adventure to search for everyone. This book is quite the adventure of The Beauty and the Geek. This book is a great summer read. I really enjoyed it and at some parts I almost peed my pants(thanks motherhood!) at the way Gen talks and shows her true self. At some points she aggravated me slightly but I always live the story where the Nerd wins the girl or guy. I’ve always gone for the type of man that Jack is. Sweet and will walk on fire for you to show your worth. I would reccomend to anyone looking for a romantic comedy and a nice beach read.

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