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Auto Correct Epic Fails

Hello loves, today I wanted to discuss my experiences with auto correct epic failures. I’m Dani and I write about books and random shit that happens in my crazy life. So, I know everyone has experienced an auto correct fail but I think at times maybe my phone is the spawn of satan. So Valentines Day, I’m feeling the love and feeling festive and shit so I decide to write a mass text message to all my loved ones! Yay! A day dedicated to love because industries want to make money so I want to message everyone “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Everyone in this includes my family and my bible study friends. So of course because my phone hates me and has inherited tourettes tells everyone “Happy Vag Day!” Now I dont even notice and let me tell you the replies. My dad “are you on drugs?” My grandma “what a potty mouth!” My free spirited grandma”Happy Vag day to you too!!! And many more” My son’s father who I care take (has tourettes syndrome) “Thats a poor slut day oh daddy you like that, oh you wag that tail” *I will do a post on my tourettes adventures eventually to as a side note* My girlfriend”Fuck yeah my kind of day” My bible class teacher “I will be praying for you”

Pretty much you guys get the point EPIC FAIL! So now who has every decided there feeling frisking and start sexting and have the auto correct demon come out and snap you in the ass? For instance I have said “Oh baby, I want you dead inside me can you put your big hard donkey in my pussyfooting” No lie, exactly that! Now if that shit doesn’t ruin the mood! So my loves share your auto correct epic fails and share the love!


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11 thoughts on “Auto Correct Epic Fails

    1. You know my sense of humor Kim. I don’t even try it comes natural. Feel free to share my posts if you wants and share the love Kim! I was just thinking of our conversation on auto correct and vag day so felt why not share my ramblings! Sending you hugs!

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      1. Drat Dani. I was going to reblog your post, but I just did one for Karen Dowdell who has a new book coming out in November. I feel funny doing two back, to back reblogs if that makes sense? It is a LOL post though ( Imreally love your sense of humor) so if it’s okay with you, I think I’ll reblog it tomorrow or Tuesday after I’ve done at least one book review in between. Oh! And speaking of book reviews, I posted one today for a book that I think you’d like.💁🏻

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      2. Of course I understand sweetheart and saw that about Karen I realized midway I wasnt posting on your page and then read it and was like congrats! lol. but i saw the review its on the tbr girl! I’m so glad you like my sense of humor a lot of people think im crazy. Well I am but thats okay. I think you are awesome and hilarious too. You always have me smiling.
        #proudbookmolesters #fistbump #badassbilbliophiles

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