Book organization suggestions?


Hello beautiful people. I have a problem… I have too much books(for my small space) and to be honest they are not organized at all! I mean I guess you can say I put them based on soft back or hard back but its been driving me crazy that I don’t have a system and I have overflow coming out of my a**hole of books! So my fellow book buddies can you give a girl some suggestions because domestic goddess, I am not. I am not suzy f*ckin homemaker when it comes to organization. I absolutley admire and am peanut butter and jealous of those of you who are and have fantastic looking bookshelves. So with all that rambling please share some ideas or your bookshelf pics because you guys have to help a sista out. I’m doing no justice to my books. Also excuse the random things by the books I’ve been moving stuff around! Can’t wait to get some feedback, love yalls faces! Below is some of my bookshelves.

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  1. I had to give my books away and saved less than thirty adult books and about forty children’s books. My grandies love books but they can get them from library. 😊
    The books I saved were mainly classics and gave popular ones out at my moving from a nice home to a cozy apartment. Ten years ago. . . 😀

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  2. I actually have a Microsoft Excel spread sheet to organize my books. Lol! It’s set up with Book Name, Author, Status (read or unread) and Location (Box or Shelf #) and with the touch of a button I can find any book by any of that criteria! (yes… I’m such a geek…)

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