*~Review:Don’t Tell A Soul by D.K. Hood~4 stars~*


 I want to thank NetGalley and Bookouture for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Title:Don’t Tell A Soul(Detectives Kane and Alton Book #1)

Author:D.K. Hood

Page Count: 277 Pages

Publication Date: 10/30/2017

Synopsis: David Kane just arrived in to start his new job on the force when he sees a car wrecked on the side of the road. He rushes to help the woman that is stuck in the car and surprisingly she pulls a gun out on him because of a misunderstanding. Then the two realize that she is Sheriff Jenna Alton, the deputy’s new boss! They both find themselves in this small town running from their past and hiding from their secrets. They busy themselves in new cases. There is two missing person’s cases and a murder that turned up in this small town. With these two different people and these new acts of violence it feels that there is more that connects these two mysterious officials together. Are Kane and Alton able to escape from their scary past that led them to this small town? Are these crimes related? Is this the work of sadistic serial killer? Read Don’t Tell A Soul by D.K. Hood to find out!

Review: From the beginning this book was intense! I give this book 4 out of 5 stars! I was on the edge of my seat! I was up late turning pages and made sure to keep the lights on! I really enjoyed the main characters in this story! The only thing I didn’t like that I felt Jenna would be more of a strong woman and that is the impression I got in the beginning but it seemed her character shifted a bit. This was still a gripping tale nonetheless and I highly recommend this psychological suspense to anyone who is looking for a great crime fictional read! I think this duo and book was very fun and intense. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Kane and Alton!

27 Comments on “*~Review:Don’t Tell A Soul by D.K. Hood~4 stars~*

      • They are definitely one publisher to watch, I’ve done tons of theirs and it’s rare to find one I didn’t like at least somewhat when finished.

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            • I wouldn’t be surprised, there’s a few up now I’ve read and a few others I’d like to read so I know how tempting they are. LOL

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            • Months? I’ve been at it for a couple of years now. LOL Seriously though I really don’t read outside of Netgalley too often but if you think about it these are simply the books that we’d end up buying or waiting our turn for at the library etc. so we just get them first this way. 🙂

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            • This is so true. You have a very good point. I heard some good things about onlinebookclub as well. Thats one you get paid to review though you make from 5-60 a review and they give away free shit all the time. Well I just started NetGalley but have 30+ titles to review. I didn’t realize how much I would get approved. I guess it helps I’m a part of my local Friends of the Library Association and volunteer at a local bookstore. ButI’m right at 30% and the recommended is 80 so I’m way behind in their standards!😱😱😱📚📚📚But yeah girl I’ve only been a blogger a few months now but I have my hands full and I didnt realize when I was filling out one of those xpresso things that you share that I was applying for a review copy. So have to do that by the end of November and I’m also on the blog tour schedule for December 5th.😥😥😥 But I own so many other books besides review copies. Lol.

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            • Haven’t heard of the onlineookclub, I tend to shy away from searching out things like that because I’ve heard some bad things about those supposed pay sites. At least I know Netgalley is trustworthy and don’t worry about visiting it as opposed to hearing some have viruses and such. Anyway… I don’t think you need to worry too much about your rate, yes 80 is suggested but I knew someone in the single digits and still getting books tossed at her left and right so as long as you keep turning them in you will probably get the biggest part of what you ask for no matter how low you are.

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            • Thanks for the advice Carrie! This very reassuring. Yeah I know some things you can trust but you do have to be careful about viruses these days. It’s horrible how many viruses pop up these days but I’ve been on Online Book Club no issues with getting the free books but I have other reviews I have to catch up with and your right you have to be careful with different websites these days. All those pop ups and viruses. Grrr.. I don’t understand how some people have nothing better to do then start viruses and fuck up people’s shit. I never understood that. Nobody has time for that and it’s stupid.😠

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            • I’ve never understood it either but just like in real life you have to be careful with what you do or where you go to stay safe you have that online too. Criminals come in all forms and for some reason there’s some that find it amusing to mess with the virtual world.


            • Oh and Dani…. you’ll know when your Netgalley obsession is really bad because you see a book on there and think I just bet I won’t be able to ignore it because I’ll probably get a widget and sure enough there’s the widget in your email. LOL

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  1. Love it when books make me want to stay up late and read it. I just save it for the morning though, to have something to look forward to, haha.

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    • Thanks so much Kim for your support! You are the best!!! It was an intense crime thriller for sure. It starts out with a dark torturous scene and I had to turn all the lights on in the house. Lol. I was paranoid someone was going to come abduct me and my kids!😱😱😱


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