*~A Fatal Collection(A Keepsake Cove Mystery) by: Mary Ellen Hughes~4.5 Stars~*

I want to thank NetGalley and Midnight Ink for providing me with an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity.

Publication: 11/8/17

Synopsis: Callie makes an overdue visit to see her aunt Mel at Keepsake Cove. Callie is considering breaking up with her toxic boyfriend Hank and needed to see her Aunt. When Callie arrives in Keepsake Cove, the two women reminisce and bond over all the good times. Aunt Mel shows Callie her Grandpa Reed’s music box that has been in the family for years. She tells Callie that she will inherit the music box if anything ever happens to her. After a goodnight of bonding and catching up the two ladies head to bed. When Callie wakes in the morning she realizes Aunt Mel is nowhere to be found. She knows it’s out of character for her to leave without notice. Callie checks The House of Melody which is her Aunt Mel’s business that is right next to her cottage.

Callie is stunned and heartbroken by what she finds, Aunt Mel laying dead on the store’s floor! The police rule the death as an accident but it doesn’t sit well with Callie. Callie busies herself and goes to Aunt Mel’s funeral and meets with the lawyer afterwards thinking she will be getting the music box. Callie is shocked to learn she inherrited Aunt Mel’s business, cottage and even her cat Jagger.

Callie decides to start over and keep the business and end her long-term toxic relationship. She still feels something is not right with her healthy Aunt Mel’s sudden death and strange things are happening in Keepsake Cove. Will she be able to start a new life? Will Callie be able to discover what really happened to her Aunt Mel? I suggest read A Fatal Collection to find out!

Review: This cozy mystery recieves 4.5 out of 5 cozy stars! I feel this book was a great way to unwind and was nice and cozy! Fatal Collection had likeable characters and was full of small town joy. I really enjoyed how the different stores had names related to their collectible products. The only reason I’m not giving this mystery 5 stars is that I figured out the mystery pretty much right away but it didn’t change how enjoyable this book was. There was even a touch of paranormal activity in this cozy. I thoroughly enjoyed it and highly recommend!

23 Comments on “*~A Fatal Collection(A Keepsake Cove Mystery) by: Mary Ellen Hughes~4.5 Stars~*

  1. A touch of paranormal . . . hmm, where have I heard that before? 🙂 Nice review, Dani. Believe it or not, I’m a big fan of cozies. When I first decided to try my hand at writing a mystery, I read several cozies to get “into the flow,” followed by more hardboiled mysteries. Still enjoy the occasional cozy mystery now and then. 🙂

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    • Thanks so much Michael!😊 I’m actually starting on Deadly Spirits by “some cool guy” tonight😉 I love a good cozy now and again as well. That’s awesome you love cozies as well!😁 I love all kinds of mysteries to be honest!😁 I’m so excited to be starting your book!!!

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      • Well, I’ll admit knowing you’ve started reading it makes me a bit nervous. I’m hoping you like Mac and his sense of humor, Southern chivalry, his love and loyalty for Kate, and even when he goes ballistic now and then. I also hope you don’t need a “scorecard” to keep up with all the suspects in this mystery. It can get complicated, but hey, isn’t that the name of the game? 🙂

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        • I am sure I will love it Michael! Don’t be nervous! I love a southern man! I also really enjoy a good whodunit mystery! They are my favorites! I agree that is how the game goes, the story must make you use your noggin!😊 I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity.😉📚💖

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  2. I love a good mystery from time to time, and reading the premise for this one has me intrigued. It seems the book also has a couple of cool elements mixed into this that make me want to read it even more (like the paranormal 😀). Great review, glad you enjoyed the book 😊

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    • It wasn’t much paranormal, just a tad😉 Thank you so much for checking out my review. It was a great cozy mystery. Oh and I watched the new Saw trailer today and was more excited. I guess I didn’t thoroughly pay attention before! Such a guilty pleasure. Have you read the Charley Davidson series? Kim got me hooked on her and she is absolutely hilarious. There’s suspense, humor and it’s paranormal. She is the Grim Reaper and she’s my kind of girl. She names her breasts, sarcastic and heals super quick. Great mix of paranomal and mystery! I’m half asleep don’t mind my rambling and randomness! Lol!😂

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      • Haha, I don’t mind your rambling at all 😀 I can’t say that I have heard about the Charley Davidson series, but of course after reading this I immediately did some research for it. Probably not a big suprise that I have now added it to my good reads to read list (which lately has gotten completely out of hand lol 😂). Seriously though, that sounds like a great series so thanks for the recommendation 😀
        As for Saw, yeah I think it looks pretty awesome too, I’m really hoping that the movie will be as good as the trailer promises it to be. It’s definitely a guilty pleasure, but a good one to have 😊 And of course you are welcome: your reviews are awesome 😀


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