*~The Growing Self Blog Award~*


Happy Saturday lovelies! YAY Weekend n Good Stuff Like That!

Today I am posting about The Growing Self Blog Award. The gorgeous Adrienne at Darque Dreamer Reads nominated me for this award. I wish I could nominate her because she is so awesome but unfortunately I guess it may not be fair. She has an amazing blog, twitter account and OMG her Bookstagram is to die for! She takes the most beautiful pictures of books!!! She has been an awesome blog friend, so go show her amazing blog some love! Thank you beautiful!


What is the Growing Self Blogger Award?

“The Growing Self Blogger Award has been created to acknowledge and celebrate amazing individuals, in the blogging community, who are persevering through life’s challenges not only to GROW as individuals, but to reach out and help others GROW as well.” ~Roda


The Rules:

  • Put the award logo/image on your blog
  • List the rules
  • Thank the individual that nominated you and provide a link to their blog
  • Describe the award and mention the creator: Roda @ Growingself.blog
  • Nominate up to 5 blogs. Remember, the purpose of this award is to specifically celebrate those individuals that make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Give 1 reason why you nominated each individual.
  • Notify your nominees by commenting on their blog


I Nominate:

Kim at By Hook Or By Book: Kim, you have been the greatest! I am so glad that we became blog sisters 4 life! When I first joined WordPress I was scared to write a review. I didn’t know the difference from my head(posts) from my ass(comments). I still am trying to figure some things out but Kim made all the difference. She was a librarian for a long time so she always knows the perfect recommendation and she always brightens my day! If you haven’t followed Kim yet I strongly suggest you do so!

Carrie at Carrie’s Book Reviews: Carrie, you are such a great lady and love that we have the same tastes in books! I talk with Kim and Carrie almost daily through our blogs. Carrie is such a kind and honest woman who has an amazing blog! I mean she has the coolest mandala set up ever! She is a fast reader and great reviewer so posts reviews often! She also posts about different Blitz Giveaways all the time! I recommend checking her blog out!

Didi at Didi Oviatt’s Author Page: Didi, you are an awesome lady and awesome author! Didi was the first offer to really be a fan of my blog and she was so sweet and awesome! I love her sense of humor and love her books! She is open minded and down to earth. Didi’s new novel Search for Maylee has to be one of my absolute favorites. Check out her books and her blog lovelies! You won’t be disappointed!

Michel at Raistlin0903: Michel, we haven’t been talking on WordPress that long but I look forward to your awesome posts and comments every day! You are such a positive guy and are a great new friend. If anyone is looking for awesome movies, anime, books and board game reviews check out Michel’s blog! He is so funny and a fun person to talk to. I’m glad we became friends.

Fraggle at Fraggle Rocking~Across the Universe: Fraggle, you are such a talented photographer and such an awesome lady! I love your sense of humor and your great feedback. Fraggle does a photography blog where she travels to so many places and takes some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. She is a very kind person and has even given me great recommendations! Check out her blog and photography.


This is one of the hardest things for me to do because I only can nominate 5 and I love you all!!!


34 Comments on “*~The Growing Self Blog Award~*

  1. Sunday is one of those days lately where I wake up, read a bit of things in the bloggiverse (yep, I just made up that word), and watch some shows or play a game. In the end though I tend to become somewhat moody. But man, today, after reading this, that’s not going to happen. Congratulations on this amazing award! You deserve it so much! And as for my nomination, I am a bit speechless here, and at a bit of a loss for words (which doesn’t happen very often, but hey I guess there is a first time for everything lol). Thanks so much for these incredibly kind words: I feel exactly the same. It’s been a blast talking to you, and even though it’s been a short while so far looking forward to the coming weeks, months….years! 😀 Thanks for becoming such a great friend, and this nomination 😊

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  2. Aw thank you kindly for the nomination Dani! One of these days I’ll have to catch up on those posts but in the meantime it’s much appreciated. 🙂

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  3. Congratulations! It’s so great you get to highlight people that helped you out and that you care for. I love these awards or shout out as I get to discover new blogs. I love photography so now I know where to go once I’ll leave your post. Happy Sunday Dani!

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  4. Dani, you are the best! If there is anyone out there that deserves a nomination for this award it’s YOU!! Thank you for thinking of me, and for the kind words! I’ll do my post this week, I have some catching up to do after taking a few days away for life lol

    And WOW you are soooo right about Darque Dreamer being the best ever Bookstagramer. I’m utterly head over heels with her pictures!! 🙂

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