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One Night Book Blitz and Giveaway

One Night
Allie Everhart
Publication date: December 4th 2017
Genres: New Adult, Romance

I’m a true romantic. I believe in fairy tales, soulmates, and happily ever afters. The last way I’d ever try to find my true love is with a one night stand. But that night of the party, I wasn’t looking for my soulmate. I just wanted to do something wild and crazy. So I did.

When a hot guy with dark hair, brooding eyes, and a chiseled face made eye contact with me across a crowded room, I held his stare and waited for him to come over. Before even asking my name, he kissed me. I kissed him back. And then, without giving it a second thought, I followed him to a room and had my first ever one-night stand.

The next morning, I took off. It was only supposed to be one night. Nothing more. But I couldn’t stop thinking about him. Even months later, when I was dating someone else, I was still thinking about that mysterious stranger and the night we shared. Then I found out he’s not a stranger. He’s the friend of my roommate’s boyfriend and has been looking for me all summer.

I can’t let him find me. We were never supposed to see each other again. I’ll admit it was a magical night. One I’ll never forget. There were sparks, fireworks, and this unexplained feeling that we belong together. But soulmates aren’t found with a one-night stand. They’re found with handwritten love notes. Flowers. A first kiss under the moonlight.

A one night stand is the worst love story ever. But what if it’s mine?

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I lean down and kiss her, and not a short goodbye kiss, but a real kiss. Slow and drawn out and expressing what I feel for her, which is more than I should feel for a girl after knowing her for such a short time and yet I still do. My feelings for Amber are more than I’ve felt for girls I’ve dated for months. But why? Why do I feel this way? Was it the sex? Did that one night mess with my head, making me think I love this girl after knowing her for just a few hours? That can’t be it. I’ve had sex plenty of times and never felt this way.

Someone’s car alarm goes off and I slowly back away.

“You weren’t supposed to do that,” Amber says in a soft, breathy voice.

“You said I could if we’re in public.”

“But I didn’t mean—”

“No changing the rules now. If we’re in public, I can kiss you. That’s what you said.”

“Fine, but it doesn’t matter because we’re not going out like this again. We’re going back to the letters. You said you’d try it so that’s we’re going to do. No texts. No emails. Just letters. You broke the rules today by coming here but we’re going to get this back on track.”

I just smile at her, then wrap my hand around hers and lead her inside the apartment building. We go up the elevator and when we’re at her door, I say, “I didn’t break the rules.”

“What are you talking about?”

“By showing up here, I didn’t break the rules of our arrangement.”

“Yes you did. You were supposed to just write letters.”

“And do romantic gestures. That’s what you said. And today was a romantic gesture. I showed up at your apartment unannounced. I surprised you. Surprises are romantic gestures.”

“Oh.” She looks perplexed. “Well, that’s not really what I meant.”

“You can’t define romantic gestures. They’re different for everyone. And to me, surprising you like this was a romantic gesture, as was buying you your favorite muffin.”

“Did you look up the definition of gesture? Because you seem to know a lot about them.”

“Not really. I’m kind of learning as I go. This is all new to me. I’ve never had all these dating rules before.”

“I know it seems strange but I warned you I was a little crazy when it comes to romance. And given the way we met, I just feel like we need to step back and start again. I don’t want us to just be about sex. I want more.”

“So do I.” I kiss her cheek. “I have to go. I’ll call you—I mean, I look forward to your next letter.”

She smiles. “I’ll put extra time into it.”

“I hope so,” I say, walking to the elevator, “because if it’s like the last one, I’ll fall asleep before I even finish reading it.”

The stunned look on her face is the last thing I see before stepping into the elevator. It’s fun giving her shit about that letter. She knows it was crap and I could tell she was embarrassed by it. I can’t wait to see what she writes me next to make up for it.

Author Bio:

Allie Everhart writes romance and romantic suspense and is the author of the popular Jade Series, Kensington Series, Wheeler Brothers, and several standalone titles. She’s also a freelance health writer and has worked on several New York Times bestselling books. Allie’s always been a romantic, as evidenced by her early years as a wedding singer, her obsession with dating shows, and the fact that she still watches reruns of The Love Boat. When she’s not writing, she’s outside running, which is when she gets her best book ideas.

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25 thoughts on “One Night Book Blitz and Giveaway

  1. Another book that is not really going to be on my list any time soon (lol), but I still think it’s awesome that you do these give aways (and are able to do so again: so glad you are back 😀).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. These are all scheduled giveaways! hehe I set them up ahead of time but oh your talking about my spam. Well technically in the guidelines I can’t strictly post these kind of posts or blog tours and need some original content. Which I definitely do have original content! Grrr.. But anywho, I can see why this is not the book for you! Lol. Xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hmm, okay I did not know that. Maybe it’a time I read up a not on these guidelines myself 😊 But yeah lol, this won’t be a book that you are going to find on my to reads list anytime soon lol 😂😂

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha, yeah that part had me wondering too. It seems that there were so many book bloggers that did these kind of posts, so why single you out? Makes no sense to me either. Maybe I will join you in putting up that tinfoil hat lol 😂


            1. Lol! We can be paranoid together!!! I just had a book blogger friend tell me they made her pay and I was like giiiiirrrllll those people are just trying to be assholes and get money. Supposedly they suspended her page without notification as well! This is insane! People post things about their businesses and all sorts of things! I even have a layout that’s called small businesses!! This is just ridiculous. Shit on them.

              Liked by 1 person

            2. It really is…it seems like it’s exactly what you are saying, they are just trying to scam people out of money. Some might not be so strong and just pay up anyway, thinking it will be alright in that way. That really sickens me, and it really is sad as well 😢

              Liked by 1 person

            3. It is completely weird..and that’s an understatement. But in the meantime it does become stressful for people who have this happening to them and that really is the sad part 😢


            4. Yeah, I understand. I think everyone would become very cautious after what you went through. I hope it will not happen again, and that it is now a thing of the past again 😊 You seriously don’t deserve this.


            5. Just read the entire post, and wow it seems that you are not the only one. I almost feel that this is some kind of easy way for them to get some money of unsuspecting bloggers. That is really sad and depressing if this can be done so very easily 😢

              Liked by 1 person

            6. Yeah, it really seems incredibly weird and terrifying that something like this can happen so easily. As I said before, let’s hope it won’t happen again: and if it does we will all band together again for you 😀


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