Blogger Interview – Dani from Touch my spine Book Reviews

Check out this interview that the lovely Hasanthi conducted with me! You can learn more about me if you wish! Hasanthi is such a sweet and supportive blogger and I am so glad I met her!😍 Thanks Hasanthi! *happy dances and big hugs*

Roses and Thorns by Hasanthi

Hello All,

Welcome to a wonderful Sunday, and I hope you all are having a fabulous weekend. Today I wanted to share with you, an interview with about a fellow book blogger, who is known by everyone as the lovely Dani @ touch my spine book reviewsDo visit her site guys!!!She has been an amazing and supportive friend to me.

I have become a huge fangirl of hers, since day one, in blogosphere. She has an inspiring personality. She has shown the world that when life gives her hundred reasos to cry, she has thousand reasons to smile. I won’t keep on blabbering, so let’s head into the interview.

dani.png Beautiful and wonderful, Danielle Pirok

Can you give us your Name, age and country?

I go by Dani but my birth name is Danielle💖 21! Just kidding 29! USA

divider-37709_960_720.pngWhat about your family?

I don’t have much interaction with my…

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20 Comments on “Blogger Interview – Dani from Touch my spine Book Reviews

  1. I just read the entire interview and I absolutely loved it! You are becoming a celebrity! This is so awesome and I could not be more happy for you. I had a bit of sad mood today, but things like this out that smile bsck on my face. Seriously sweetheart: be proud of yourself. Look at your blog, and how many people find you amazing! 😘❤️ This was beautiful!

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