Why Must You People Do This To Me!!!

So, let’s start with the facts here.

  1. Life Sucks.
  2. I have been all depressed and shit.
  3. I have been overwhelmed by being so behind on my book reviews and other bloggy shit.
  4. Please excuse my constant use of the word “shit”.
  5. When I feel like giving up, you guys giving me all these warm and fuzzies and say so much nice shit about me. The first warm and fuzzy was given to me a while ago but I passed it laid on my table and was past due for a post!
  6. I realize how much I love blogging and how much I love all of your faces!
  7. I need to get over the fact life sucks because life sucks for everyone.
  8. Blogging was just meant for me and you guys are the BEST.
  9. I am going to show just a few examples of the LOVE I have received within just the last week.
  10. If I shared more I might look conceited and this girl is totally not that and it would take forever to find all the comments so I am just sharing mail I received from one of the best book bloggers Trang @ Bookidote and few links that I received in the last 3 or 4 days.
  11. P.S. I am so behind on posting what Trang did for me. This girl is really fantastic y’all. She sent me this package 3 times because I am a total doofus and gave her the wrong address and she lives in Canada. Okay, I just publicly humiliated myself but it was for a good cause to show you how great Trang was and she still took out that time and was so sweet to me and worried about me! She’s just awesome, positive and badass!
  12. There’s also some faithful followers that just mean so much to me and y’all know who you are!😁❤ Well I hope you do.🤔😯
  13. Now you can see why you guys just pull on my heart strings and why YOU are my numbre uno reason I blog!
  14. Guilty Party Number 1 Trang @ Bookidote This is only a few of the items Trang sent me!😍😍
  15. Guilty Party Number Two 1 Bookgraphy

Example 3

  1. Miss Honeybug’s Reads and Crafts

You see why you people kill me and how much you make my day everyday! I can list names of the followers who comment everytime who brighten my day and also how they and others just are so supportive and make me *happy dance* but you guys would have a sista on here all day and to be honest I am so behind on some things!😓 I also know I need to catch up on the love showing and definitely will do! Keep being rockstars everyone! You guys are the the shizit and the bee’s knees!

Okay enough with the lovey dovey shit! Over and Out!❤

58 Comments on “Why Must You People Do This To Me!!!

  1. from Life sucks to loving life in 16 steps lol
    enjoyed to read your post…and no stress! I believe the most important ppl who loves your reviews and blogs are with you :))

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  2. You’re so easy to love! We all love you! It’s great so see these though, I can only agree that you have a wonderful blog and you’re such an amazing person (and Trang as well)! Don’t worry about being behind on reviews or so, what does that matter.. as long as you don’t stop blogging I’m happy :-).

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”
    – Confucius
    I love your sparkly blog and your sparkly self. 😘 Warm and fuzzy over and out 🤪

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  4. Yay for getting stuff from Trang!! She’s really hard to get in touch with online since she’s so busy but I’m happy to hear how much of a positive impact she has on you! No need to worry about little things like blog hopping. Stay awesome and think about your own health and sanity first, Dani. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I understand she’s been a busy lady, completely!😁 I have been not around this last few weeks much either! This package just made my year!❤❤❤ I’ve been trying to get my health together this last month! Thanks so much for all your kindness, Lashaan! You are the best!

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  5. You’re such an amazing blogger whenever you’re feeling down, know that the amazing blogging community is here for you ❤ ❤ ❤ I love your blog so much eeeeee!

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  6. Danii you deserve all the love you receive from this community ❤ You're one of the most amazing bloggers here and your reviews are always making my tbr bigger haha

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  7. Life is a stomach dropping roller coaster, but you are not alone on the ride \o/ We love you sweetie! Lovey Dovey shit is the best shit 😀

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  8. Ah life does suck. But sometimes we just got to get over it and start somewhere 🙂 the blogger community is amazing and this post is so GOOD. Glad to see all the love you receive ❤ I love your posts too btw.

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  9. You are totally an amazing person! It is no wonder that you inspire other bloggers. You are real with us and you are always positive with us, even when you are having a bad day. I love being your friend and a fellow blogger and I hope you know just how awesome you are and how much we all love you! ❤ Don't ever hesitate to come to one of us if you need an ear!


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