*~Quick But Meaningful Literary Quotes~*

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Hey everyone! I'm Dani and I am a free spirited bibliophile!💖 I love meeting new people and being a part of this community. I have met the best people in the world being a book blogger and love them as family.😍 Here's some words that describe who I am in a nutshell: Book Nerd Girl, Custom-Made, Hippie Chick, Empath, Tarot Reader, Open Minded, Spiritual(but doesn't push), A Random Rambler, Loves Humor, Pansexual, Poly, Animal Lover, Book Molester, Life Coach, Psychology Major, Dyslexic That Was Self Taught With Books, Inspiring Author, Loves Others to a Fault!💖😍 The only thing I ask for on this blog is respect! Craziness and dirty joking welcome.💯 Discrimination and disrespectful comments can hit their asses with the door!💯📌📝

20 thoughts on “*~Quick But Meaningful Literary Quotes~*

    1. I agree, Lashaan!!❤❤❤ With the right teachers I do believe you can go so far and it does open the door to another library. I’m all about our freedom to learn though. In America, we battle issues where they teach the children false history. Stuff they know is not true but teach anyways. Like our children are still taught that Christopher Columbus discovered North America. When everyone knows there was Native Americans here first. There is many other things in America that we are taught but that is the first thing I could think of.

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    1. That’s great, Pete! I actually was in AP(college course) classes as a freshman in highschool and dropped out then because of all the homes and the streets. I got my GED though and scored perfect across and went to college later so I guess I could have done worse. In America, the students are still taught false information about history and whatnot. I teach my children to have an open mind and to not ever stop searching for the truth.

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