Book Spotlight: The Angelheart Series by Annie Woods

Hey there guys! I just wanted to share a little bit more about one of my favorite authors’ new release of their second novel, Forever Disguised by Annie Woods! Annie is such a talented writer and I am so blessed to have met her. She’s one of those people that you never have to see or meet but know they are absolutely beautiful inside and out. She has helped me & understood me at my darkest moments and loved me anyway. She’s a great friend. I admire her so much because even though she is busy with work, writing, and a family that consist of little ones, she is completely devoted to her readers. Annie Woods’ #Bookstagram is amazing and she is so quick to respond to her readers and friends but in all honesty I can talk about how AMAZING Annie is all day but your probably thinking, what about the freaking book? I mean she could be amazing and be a unicorn that “fluffs” glitter but if the book is bad, what’s the beef? Well don’t be dismayed because her writing matches her amazingness(yes I made up that word), it may even exceed it! I mean when I first read First Came Forever, I was over the moon about it! This story has a lot of depth and some may look at the synopsis and think “oh, another teenie bopper book”, sorry but uh, you would be incorrect! By the time I got to the conclusion of the novel my emotions went through a whirlwind. I didn’t know what to expect next and there was a big twist that left me with my mouth wide open with suspense and intrigue!

I am telling you all of this now because as a new blogger I reviewed this title(you can find my 5+ star review HERE!) and I re-read this novel again and kind of studied it, I guess you could say. Well, my rating now is just as great as it was the first time I read this novel. First Came Forever is a magical novel that is able to penetrate all your emotions and no matter where you are on the adventure of reading this novel, all you know is you want MORE!❤ So you can bet your ass that I can’t wait until my ARC of the sequel arrives in my mail!!😝

So while I #fangirl, here is some info about the series!


Book Series Blurb

Coming Soon Will Be More Info & My Review About This Book!🤩❤

Thanks for taking the time out to read my promo/release post. I have been ending up in some spam folders. So… Coming Soon To A Spam Folder Near You!😁


P.S. I did this promo on my own free will, Annie doesn’t even know so this is not a blog tour or anything just me fangirling so all views are my own(they would be regardless of the circumstance but as reviewers we are supposed to list shit like this). Xoxoxo!😘❤🤗

33 Comments on “Book Spotlight: The Angelheart Series by Annie Woods

  1. I think amazingness should become a new word: I love it 😍
    Haha: and you go fangirling all you want. She sounds like such an amazing person and friend. And so does the book. Thanks for such a heartwarming, enthusiastic and honest post. I really enjoyed reading it 😘

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  2. Aww I miss your enthusiasm girll <3!!! 😀 I'm back to blog hopping and looking forward to read all your posts ❤ and yes fangirl as much as you want because it's your blog, you can do anything 😉

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  3. I love the post and all its amazingness!!!! Lol 😆 My new favorite word now, I love it Dani!!!
    But really, I do love this post! I already clicked on your link and followed Annie Woods on Instagram!! I’m definitely adding this book to my tbr list!!! After reading what you said, how can I not read it?!! But the synopsis actually sounds really good too!! Thank you Dani for introducing me to another book, and an Author too!!! 💜🖤💜🖤

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  5. It’s great to reread a novel and still find that you love it!! I hate to reread and great book thunk… What was I thinking?? It ruins the nostalgia! (even if it’s not from too long ago!)

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