Prime Day 2018!!!

Yay for Prime Day! I have included info and links for my U.S. and U.K. friends but anyone can partake in these amazing deals that Amazon has to offer!


Shop Amazon Devices – Starting at $29.99

Click above links for deals!!!😁

Shop Amazon Devices – Amazon Fire Tablets Starting at $29.99

The time has come that if you are an Amazon Prime member, get some badass deals! You can get things from a new kindle that you can do anything from reading books, watching shows and movies, watch your favorite pornographic videos and search the images on Google!, downloading your favorite apps to having your favorite cleaning necessities at 75% off! Woohoo!


Now I know some of you are broke and busted(I am just the busted part) and can’t really afford anything but you can get some free or offers starting at a 1$ to try!

Link below!😁💯📍🌺

Prime Day – Prime Membership $3 bounty

Link right below!😁

Prime Day – Kindle Unlimited $3 bounty

Shop Amazon Devices – Trade-in Your Kindle, Get 25% Off a New Kindle + Gift Card

Whatever your need may be, you can go through my links posted above if you are a US member and it will be greatly appreciated if you use my links to take you where your heart desires because I am an Amazon affiliate and none of your prices change, you still get all the great goods for great prices just I benefit too! Win, Win! Aww Suki, Suki!😉

Shop Amazon Gold Box – New Deals. Everyday

For my UK friends you can also get fantastic deals through Dani through Amazon! Woah! That’s a mouthfull! By clicking on any of the links you can find your desired products and it helps this sista out the same. To all my other friends: there is no discrimination or anything I just simply haven’t had the chance to sign up for anything besides the US and UK Amazon affiliate program but even if you are from out of these two countries you can still click the links for great deals! Even if you don’t wish to do your shopping via my links(which is totally cool) Nobody should miss out on these great deals!😁

Click the image for this UK based deal for awesome video service!
Sooo many awesome deals on so many items click here my UK friends to check them out!!!😁

Okay well, I am sure you guys had enough of me for now, I will be posted reviews hopefully soon! Thanks so much for reading my post! You guys are the best and I will be bloggy hopping your way soon!😁🌺😍 Also if you don’t have Prime they offer free 30 day trials which you can cancel whenever you would like!😁 Love y’all! Hope you guys get some awesome stuff and have a great week!😍

28 Comments on “Prime Day 2018!!!

  1. Lol..gotta love those sentences that you tried to hide but failed in doing so 😂😂 And you are kidding right? We never get enough of you! 😊😊 Always nice to do some shopping: it’s great that you are pointing out these things to us 😘 Have a great week yourself, and feel better soon 😊❤️

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  2. I loooooove Prime Day! I’ve shopped it the last two years and it’s the best! So many good deals available.
    Last year I loaded up on the dash buttons. Normally the dashbuttons cost about $4.99 and when you use it for the first time you get a $4.99 credit on whatever product you have set up for purchase when you press the button. On Prime Day they’re usually on sale for $.99 BUUUT you still get the $4.99 credit on your first purchase with the button. So basically, you’re getting a $5 coupon on each product you use a dashbutton on.
    P.S. Love dashbuttons. They make my life so easy!

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    • That is soooo awesome!!!😀 What, What!!!😁 I will have to check and see what these dash buttons are all about.😉 I have never even heard of Prime Day until this year and if I probably still wouldn’t hear about it if I wasn’t an affiliate and if someone clicks on my links and whatever purchase they get frpi m there you get a small percentage but after I heard about that from the blogosphere, I found how awesome Amazon can be and am luckily a prime member because of being on a loved ones account! Yay!😍

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  3. Ohh sounds nice~ I live middle of nowhere and shipping from US or UK is usually more expensive than what i want to buy 😂😭 but happy clicking for those who can! The sales sure look awesome! 👌😎

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