Villains: Why I Love Them

I’m sharing this awesome post of Trang’s because this post is just so awesome! Who doesn’t just love a good villian! So my favorite villians are Vader, Harley Quinn and Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7! This is just my top but I commented on her post why I loved these 3 but check out Trang’s amazing post because it is FANTASTIC just like HER!😗🤗💯What are your favorite villians and share some feedback on her page as well!🤗💯 You guys rock!😉


I just noticed the other day how I always talk about the villains in a very exciting way in my reviews. That makes wonder, why do I love villains?! Why do WE love villains? Because admit it, they’re the the best of the worst.

  1. They Satisfy My Darkest Needs 

Okay hold on here. This sounds dirty but let me explain. The needs I’m talking about here is : power and control. The simple pleasure principle: to have what I want when I want it.  It’s what I called my most selfish desires . It’s pretty straightforward isn’t it? LOL But  I believe that’s in all our darkest compartment. Of course, we don’t act like that. We also have empathy and care for others.


  2.  The Moral Ambiguity 

This reason right here is where I decide whether a villain is well made or just not worth my time. The more…

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37 Comments on “Villains: Why I Love Them

  1. Could not agree more: this post was absolutely awesome 😀😀😀😀
    I already commented over on her blog some of my favorite villains, but of course I don’t mind saying them again. Vader….I guess he really doesn’t need an explanation…it’s Vader..come on 😂😂 Negan from the Walking Dead. I seriously hate his guts, but he is still awesome. And last but not least: Raistlin (yes my blog name) from the Dragonlance saga. Love your choices and woohoo we both like Darth Vader 😀😀

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  2. Ooh! I just commented on Trang’s post. Who couldn’t love Vader? I also agree with your pick of Harley Quinn Dani. I think I also listed Disney’s Maleficent and Ursula, Superman’s Lex Luthor (particularly in the tv series Smallville, Loki from the Thor movies and Avengers, and Moriarty. And Tom just told me to add the Malfoys from Harry Potter!😈

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  3. Loki from Thor/Avengers but probably because I have the hots for Tom Hiddleston.
    Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, but probably I’ve also got the hots for Tom Hardy.
    Eric Northman in TruBlood, but probably because I’ve got the hots for Alexander Skarsgård as well.
    and Negan in The Walking Dead and yes, Jeffrey Wotisface too 😀 😀

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  4.                           📓
         ☀          📓📓📓📓
    📫🚗🐇     💌🚪👪💌

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