Where in the World is Dani and Where is Her Faithful Crazy Feedback?!?

Hello lovelies! I know that I haven’t been faithful to my blogging, as in commenting and liking all of my followers posts, reviews and other shenanigans! That’s so not like me with my over the top LOVE for you all. So some may think, “Where in the effin world is Dani and her randomness?”

Unfortunately, the answer is I have only been able to get online here and there. As most know I battle chronic illnesses, well lately those illnesses have won a huge battle and I honestly flagged my surrender flag for a bit. I haven’t been able to be my badass, rambling, and random Dani-self.

I was just released from the hospital and have some internal bleeding, nerve damage, diverticulitis, my other organs went mad and it’s put me on my ass(more like fetal position). But my ass and the rest of me will be okay and I just wanted to appologize again and say a huge thank you to all my loyal followers. You guys are the cheese to my macaroni!😍🧀🍜 I also wanted to let you guys know I am thinking about your asses as well! Well… Not literally, that would be creepy but I am thinking of you and am going to work on communicating better because I miss the blogosphere and more than anything, I miss you.

All my LOVE and Dani-style hugs to all!

78 Comments on “Where in the World is Dani and Where is Her Faithful Crazy Feedback?!?

  1. Oh my God, hope you get better and better Dani.. May love and prayers for you and no worries about missing our posts… We want you to get well soon completely and the we’ll chat again about crazy things… 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thank you for thing about my ass. Hahaha

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  2. I seriously hope you are kidding here right? You wonderful soul: apologise? For what? Despite everything that you are going through, you find time to write posts, you still leave comments and you are apologising for something that you don’t have any control over.
    Seriously sweet Dani, there is nothing, absolutely nothing whatsoever, where you have to apologise for. I just hope,and pray for you, that you will be back to your old Dani self again and that all the pain you are currently going through will be a thing of the past.
    And that we don’t have to worry about your ass anymore (erm…also not literally because that would also be creepy 😱😱).
    All kidding aside Dani….please do not worry about us: I think I speak for everyone that knows who you are, that you are one hell of a powerhouse woman who is more amazing than she even knows herself😘😘
    Take care Dani…and please take plenty of rest, we will all be waiting here for you😘❤️❤️

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      • But that is what you are doing every day! Just by being you, you are always very supportive😘😘 And everyone that knows you, knows what’s going on. So…really no apologies are necessary at all. Really hope you will feel better soon 😘❤️


    • You are so sweet, Book Sister!😍📚🌹💜 I just wanted to make sure the people who are not as regular to my blog know that I was ignoring them! I LOVE the blogosphere and miss spamming everyone’s blog!😍 I especially miss you, Kim! You are like family and are the BEST!😊 Thanks for all your kindness, support and prayers.

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  3. Don’t be sorry, Dani! You take care of yourself before anything else because that would make all your friends so much more happy than you interacting with us. I did miss you especially because I couldn’t be super active this week and I thought I might’ve missed so many awesome posts by Dani but I’m glad you took a break because you better not be doing anything apart from resting at the moment (or as much time as it takes). I hope you get well soon and I’m pretty sure you’ll be back with a bang ❤ Of course, your big fans (like me) are still here, patiently waiting, so don't rush yourself 😀

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  4. I hope you have a rapid, I want to say recovery but at least back to your bubbly self! No one deserves to go through such pain, especially not someone as kind as yourself. Thinking of you! X

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  5. OMG GURL !!❤️❤️😭 PLEASE REST AND DONT WORRY ABOUT US HERE! Youve been so understanding for my time off blogging that EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT UR KINDNESS . Please take your time to get back on feet !! Sending all my love to you and your lovely family ❤️❤️🌸

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  6. Ouch Dani I hurt for you!!!! Please don’t fret and get better soon. Lots of hugs, kisses and love from my nook ❤

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  7. Stop apologizing sweetie. You at your 20% have been more active than many! I’m sorry your health is being such a challenge but I’m glad that the worst may be behind. Stay sweet and post when you can.

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