Southern Belle: Part Two. A Story For Dani concludes

My friend Pete’s second part of his story for me! Love it because of the crazy/badass bitch main character! Heheh! You are so talented, my friend! Please make sure to show him some LOVE!😍 Love ya guys!xoxo


This is a fictional story, with some regular readers in mind. It is inspired by the ludicrous names that many authors choose for their characters, and written especially for this blogger, Dani. Though hard to believe, all the character names used in this story are actual names used in novels, and in some cases, the names of the authors too. If you intend reading it, you might first want to read part one.

There were so many cars in the driveway leading up to the De Vere mansion, Dani and Blythe decided to pay off the cabby, and walk the rest of the way. It was obvious everyone who was anyone was going to be inside, they could tell that from the expensive limousines queuing bumper-to-bumper. As they got close to the door, a pencil-thin young woman emerged from one of cars, draped in a dress with a…

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9 Comments on “Southern Belle: Part Two. A Story For Dani concludes

  1. Haha…I read the story last night on his blog and I just knew you were going to love it. He made you such a bad ass lol😂😂 But then again: you are a bad ass….in a very good way 😘😘❤️

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