Look what I signed into my account to see guys!!!! Within my 6 months of joining the blogosphere, I had no idea I could achieve receiving 1,000 followers in such a short time! I love you all and thank you so much!!!! I am over the moon and doing Dani-style happy dances!

Now it’s time to celebrate!!!😄🥂🎊🎉❤ Yay for Touch My Spine Book Reviews!

113 Comments on “*~1,000 Followers!!!!~*

  1. Congratulations Dani! Well deserved and I really think it’s quite exceptional to reach this after 6 months when I look around. I just reached 1000 followers too but.. after almost 2 years 😂. I can’t imagine where you will be then!

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  2. 1,000 followers, Betty Boop, and Lucille Ball’s tits almost falling out of her dress!
    Too much excitement for an old man!!
    Well deserved honey. Here’s to 2,000! 🙂 x
    best wishes, Pete. xx

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    • The best advice I could give to new bloggers is “Don’t be afraid to be yourself and put yourself out there” and “Dare to be different” . Use tags and categories that you can find in your settings! Comment on lots of fellow bloggers even if your just saying Fantastic Review!😍 Usually when you give support you get it if the blogger is able!😍 That’s what I did as far as starting out and continuing! I don’t know if that helps any!

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      • that’s really helpful! I’m confused at one part: What do you mean tags/categories that I can find in my settings? The page I use are basically keywords that are relevant to my post. Is this what you mean?
        Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. I appreciate it ❤ Keep up the great work!


  3. Did you just see that small and very fast blur going by across your window?? That was me running by in excitement screaming all over the place in excitement because of this!😘 Sweety: what can I say: congratulations on this amazing achievement ❤️😘😘 But there is only one reason that this happened: You, yourself and well…you!. Dani, I can’t be any more happy having met you. You blog is a joy to read, ever since I have discovered it. Your posts are always full of love and happyness and positivity. A post from you is like the gift that keeps on giving sweety. But the one thing I am even more happy about is having met you and the friendship we have built. It has been a blast, and I hope it will continue until the end of time. Just like your amazing blog. Truly so incredibly happy for you, and this fantastic milestone: Onwards to 2000 followers, which I am pretty sure you are going to be reaching in no time as well 😘😘❤️❤️❤️

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