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A Big Thank you to Shalini at Digital Reads Blog Tours

I also would like to thank the author for giving me this opprtunity. I am sorry for my tardiness with this review. My family has to out of nowhere make hurricane preparations! I appreciate this opportunity ladies and all views are my own.

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Do you owe your family your life? When her beloved sister Glory dies in a car crash, Grace McBride’s carefully considered life spirals out of control. She discovers Glory had been sucked into illegal activities at odds with her seemingly charmed existence. What’s worse: Grace finds herself an unwitting accomplice and forced to take over the shady dealings.

Determined to keep her fingers clean and redeem her sister’s reputation, Grace plots to extricate herself—and those Glory held dear—from the clutches of Glasgow’s criminal underworld. But her moral certitude is challenged when familial pressure mounts and Glory’s past intentions remain unclear. Grace grows convinced Glory’s death was no accident, even if no-one will listen.

Seeking justice, she finds betrayal.

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I was surprised how much of a experience this novel was!😀 Lately I have been reading a lot of books that are more cozy related but this was a great welcomed experience. Book ReviewI would put this more as a family drama or adult fiction but it’s still had intense moments and twists! I really found this book enjoyable and I’m sure others would think so too. 4 Stars for such a good read!


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Author Bio


Heleen Kist is a Dutch quintilingual Stanford-educated globetrotting career woman who fell in love with a Scotsman and his country, and now writes about its (sometimes scary) people from her garden office in Glasgow. Trained at work to spot and prevent financial crime, she put this knowledge to good use for her debut novel, In Servitude.

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I know I am terribly late and sorry again but you can check out these other awesome brother’s reviews!😀


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30 Comments on “Book Review: In Servitude by Heleen Kist- Digital Reads

  1. Dani, I’m truly humbled that you’ve taken time to do this, whilst you’re trying to deal with a hurricane! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Stay safe.

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  2. This sounds more like something I would read. But if there is actually a woman called ‘Glory’ in Glasgow, I will eat a haggis wrapped in a kilt! 🙂 X
    (Authors. What’s wrong with real names? Just asking…)
    Best wishes, Pete. xx

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  3. Hey girl! I’VE MISSED YOU!!!!! Just back from my impromptu, and longer than expected hiatus. BUT I’M BACK TO STALK YOU WITH COMMENTS ONCE MORE!! 💖💖 I hope you’re doing well, I hope the families well, and judging from the comments above, you’re in the path of this hurricane, so I hope you’re all battened down and safe!! 💖💖

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