*🎂Awesome Bookish Cakes💖📚*

Good morning fellow book nerdigans! I wanted to share with you these fantastic book inspired CAKES! These make me hungry but also fall in love! A book lovers dream wedding cake or birthday cake! I hope you enjoy and have a fantatic day! Happy Reading!📚💖🎂

71 Comments on “*🎂Awesome Bookish Cakes💖📚*

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  3. I could never eat something that beautiful. I mean, just look at them, these are just works of Art. Okay, admittedly I am getting hungry too…but still, how would you ever be able to eat something such as this. Loved this post: incredible how people are able to create something like this 😀

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  4. I hadn’t seen any bookish cakes before but I have seen a lot of intricate designs and I’m always quite amazed. A lot of them don’t even look edible but I’m sure they are and without one ounce of artistic talent in me I’m sure I’d never come close to anything so amazing, my cake would be on those oops you failed posts. LOL

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