*~Does anyone use Litsy?

Hello lovelies! I was browsing instagram and saw a fellow blogger post about Litsy. As I’ve read it’s supposedly is like a good mix of Goodreads, Twitter and Instagram. It’s a place where you can disover new books and book lovers! Sounds like my kind of place but wanted to see if anyone uses it or care share their experience with it? Let me know my fellow book nerdigans! You guys rock!

Litsy information can be found at http://litsy.com 😊😁

Please share your thoughts and suggestions!

71 thoughts on “*~Does anyone use Litsy?

  1. I joined Litsy a few months ago and it’s quite a fun app with a very friendly community! Much lower pressure than bookstagram with the photo quality and all and a fun place to share bookish thoughts and other things… It doesn’t replace Twitter or Instagram for me, but it is a nice addition (although I admit I don’t always post all that regularly).

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  2. Its really good! You should try it😀. There are not just reviews but n number of blurbs on a whole world of books which we have no idea about. I especially use it if I need new book suggestions. 😃

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  3. I do use use it, but don’t keep up with it as much as I probably should. My only problem with it, is that they don’t have an iPad friendly version. It works fine on the iPad, but I hold my iPad on landscape view pretty much 100% of the time – and Litsy is portrait only. I’m BookCottageBlog if anyone wants to follow me. I’ll follow back.

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