Book Review: Destined by Gail Cleare

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I want to thank the author for providing me an eARC in exchange for an honest reviews. All opinions expressed are my own.

This is the year Emily learns how to deliberately shape the future. She gets the courage to walk away from her safe routine and takes a job at the fabulous curio shop owned by Henry Paradis, an occult scholar. Recognizing her psychic talents as the valuable gifts they are, Henry teaches Emily to accept her magical nature and “look forward.” She chooses the path to light, finds lifelong friends, falls in love with an incredibly sexy man, learns the power of desire and intention, faces her worst fears and is swept toward awakening.

The mystical images of the Tarot’s archetypal trump cards chart the way, 22 sequential steps along the path to success known as “The Fool’s Journey.” Illustrated by images from the Payen Tarot of Marseilles (1713), which is the oldest surviving Tarot deck.

Reviews Quoted from Popular Sources!

“Cleare’s narrative follows Emily, a young woman on a path of self-realization and awakening…The novel is well plotted…offers a little bit of self-help and a little bit of chick lit, packaged together with a positive, make-your-own-destiny message: a pleasant, comforting read.” – Publishers Weekly

“A thoughtful and much recommended novel of tarot. Through the unknown, we can find something magnificent. “Destined” tells the story of Emily, who takes a job at a curio shop and delves into the occult and mystery. A novel of romance and the life of the occult and the tarot, it’s a fascinating break into this culture and the belief in mysticism.” – Midwest Book Review

This book was fantastic! I know you might be thrown off a little by all the Tarot stuff but it’s not all about Tarot. It’s about a girl who goes through a new journey and experiences everything that the Major Arcana of the Tarot can explain. I love how the chapters are titled after the Major Arcana of the Tarot and she surely goes through her share of experiences. There is so much more to the main characters then what first meets the eyes. Sure she works in a bookstore and it has a swoon worthy romance but it also has depth and I was able to finish it within a day. I loved this novel and it was a treat to read and I can’t wait to read the author’s other works. Highly recommended!😁📚❤

Info via her personal website!😍

Gail Cleare
Writer, Photographer, Graphic Designer

USA Today bestselling author Gail Cleare has written for magazines, newspapers, Fortune 50 companies and AOL. Her award-winning ad agency represented the creators of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was the turle Leonardo’s date for the world premier of the second movie, and got to wear a black evening gown and sparkly shoes.

As a fine art and nature photographer, Gail’s work is held in private collections across the US, and she can often be found stalking creatures with a 300 mm lens.

Her first novel, Destined, a novel of the Tarot, won honorable mentions at the New England Book Festival and the Green Book Festival. Her second novel, women’s fiction titled The Taste of Air, will be released by Red Adept Publishing in September, 2016. The unedited manuscript won a gold medal from HarperCollins’ website Authonomy, and was shortlisted for a Somerset Award.

Gail Cleare lives on an historic farm in New England with her family and dogs, cats, chickens, black bears, blue herons, rushing streams and wide, windy skies.

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If anyone ever wants a reading they can hit me up! I have a page on my menu dedicated to Tarot, Lenormand and Oracle and such!😁

I’m still having WP issues but I am hoping that I can comment okay.🤔 It took me a few tries and I hope this posts correctly. Love ya guys and miss your faces. I hope you had a great weekend.😍🤗😅

36 Comments on “Book Review: Destined by Gail Cleare

  1. Those are cool! I’m open to Tarot readings, as well as other out of the norm mediums, for lack of a better term. Aura, astrology, numerology, Mercury in retrograde, full moons, etc., and the attributes of prediction, affecting behaviors, describing traits, and/or contact from beyond this realm? I don’t discount their validities. 😃

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    • That’s awesome you are so open to it!!!😍🤗 I am all about it and it has helped me throughout my difficult time for sure. I do all kinds of readings such as Astrology charts, astrotraveling and Medium work, all kinds of cards, dowsing and etc. I am a huge Empath and just love helping people in any way I can.😍🔮😊 Thanks for sharing, my friend.❤

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      • That’s terrific! You very much remind me of my friend in New Orleans. She’s what I would consider a medium. Does readings and is a voodoo priestess as well. Super cool. 😊

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        • That’s really cool!!!😍 I am a medium and can speak to the dead but Preistess, I am not but how I originally got into Tarot was because a beautiful lady with an amazing headdress stopped me in the mall and I was a punked out goth 15 yr old kid and we even laughed at her but she came up to me and separated me from the group and told me I was put on this Earth for a big purpose and handed me an old deck of tarot cards(that I really wish I still had) and said I would know what to do with them. It was quite the experience and didn’t take it seriously until I got home and looked through them but she told me she was a powerful high priestess so your comment reminded me of her.😊💙 Man, I wish I had that deck still.😢

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          • That’s cool. Sounds like she was no charlatan, of which there are many in that realm. It’d be super cool to still have that deck, I agree. I’m not a medium, but my friend says I’m a sensitive. I can feel and sense when stuff is around. I always wondered.


  2. What a wonderful post Dani! I loved the pictures you have included here as well, and I am very glad that you found such a wonderful book to read. I am not thrown off even a little by the Tarot stuff. I loved the premise for this novel, and this post was amazing! I’m glad it got through all right, and I hope the WP issues will be resolved for you soon 😘❤️

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  5. This is the second book I have read about recently that involves Tarot cards. I don’t know much about them but it is interesting to learn. Great review, Dani.

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    • I have done readings professionally in the past as well and with starting back up with my spirituality, I may be doing it professionally again as a way of means but still would do them for friends and such no issue.😁 I think it’s great for sister is a professional psychic!😄 This book was definitely fun and cute in it’s own way.😍📚❤ Xoxoxo!😘🤗

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