A Shout Out to All the Baby Mamas (Belated Mother’s Day Love)

Sorry this post is late y’all! I have been battling a case of strep throat and a case of WordPress hates me so didn’t get to post on Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is all about showing or taking out the time that your ma had to carry our asses into this world and take all that pain to push us through a hole only a smidgen in comparison to my big head. Some of us we’re poptart babies and were delivered C-section and might not hurt as much delivering but the afterwards sucks balls. Like big balls. Then we have adoptive moms whom take these babies on their own at any stage and deal with the after effects that still hurt as well. Like teenagers telling us they hate us or for an example my daughter telling me I’m not cool and yells at me at 10 years old or my 6 year old who has the principal or teacher calling me weekly on his behavior.

All the craziness we bring them and all the craziness of being a parent all comes down to one thing and that is LOVE.

I mean we may have had bad childhoods or great ones but in the end we could not be the person’s we are today if it wasn’t for our mom, we wouldn’t be here. I know that I am rambling on and that this was a strange way to show appreciation(it might be the cold meds) to mothers but hoorah to all the Moms out there! We rock and have made a difference! Badass mofos!

Sending you all Love and Happy Belated Mother’s Day to all of you!🌺💝😋

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