*Tags and Nominations*

Hello loves!!!😊 I wanted to let all my fellow bloggers know that if you tag me or nominate me, I feel all special and warm and fuzzy inside. I am so far behind on tags and Nominations because of well life and my laptop is currently not working! I love to interact with all my followers and feel honored but wanted to give everyone a heads up on my silence in regards to being tagged. I appreciate that you awesome people think of me and once I get a working laptop or desktop I will be catching up and all about some tags. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and Happy Reading!📚💖🌈

8 Comments on “*Tags and Nominations*

  1. I can relate on that. I have been tagged and nominated quite a few times myself as well, but an so far behind that I wonder if I will ever catch up. But Tinus always an honor when it happens though. Blogging is so cool, because of all the interacting with everyone and of course meeting new and cool people every day 😀

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  2. I would love to tag and nominate you…..:)….that’s the way we grow in our community……will surely keep you in my mind whenever the next opportunity is coming….:)…

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