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*This Post Made my Day*

Good morning lovelies! I’ve had a rough week but when someone does something kind hearted like this it makes my heart melt!😊 She didn’t even let me know about the shoutout!😍 I love WordPress and so glad I stumbled across it. I have met amazing people and new friends! So since she gave me a shout out, I’m giving one back to this sweet and supportive blogger. I love her blog and how she interacts with our fellow book nerdigans! You should check her out at I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!I love your faces, Happy Reading and all that shizit! 😎📚💖🌈

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17 thoughts on “*This Post Made my Day*

  1. That really is incredibly kind and sweet. That is exactly why I love WordPress so much as well. The amount of amazing people that I have met through all this is terrific. Don’t count yourself out though: you have a really amazing blog, and everything that has been said about you in this shout out is so true! 😀 Sorry to hear about your rough week though. Hope everything is going a bit better now for you. 😊

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