***Question About Adding Gifs Or Images To Goodreads?!?**

Hello lovelies!!! I am trying to add a GIF to my Goodreads reviews and I don’t even know if it’s possible. Can someone help a sista out?! Can I even add GIFs? I want my Goodreads reviews to look neato and shit so help me out guys and give me some feedback if you have any advice! You guys are the BEST!💖💙💚💛💜

71 Comments on “***Question About Adding Gifs Or Images To Goodreads?!?**

  1. I’m hoping the coding will show up in the comment. If you can’t see it, let me know and I’ll try again!

    Just replace image-link-here with the link to the image and take out the asterisks at the beginning and end of the code. That should do it!

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  2. I think I might know! You need to right mouse click on the gif you want and “copy link address.” Then if you look in the review you’ll see a cheat sheet for how to add images. Use that coding and it *should* add the gif.

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  3. Hi there! It is very possible as I do it all the time ^^ it has to be a gif or image already online though 🙂 let me know if the link you’ve been given is not enough and I’d be happy to help 🙂

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  4. Well maybe now you have all your answers if not I will add the coding here and hope it will show up Dani (I made a word doc for me LOL “Coding pour insérer un GIF sur Goodreads (ou ailleurs)


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  5. Ha…I’m so on this bandwagon. I can’t figure it out for the life of me. I’ve tried so many tutorials and still nothing.

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