Mini Book Review: The Book of Pearl

I want to thank NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity and all views expressed are my own.

Title: The Book of Pearl

Author: Timothèe de Fombelle

Rating: 5 Magical Stars

Amazon / Goodreads

In prose as magical and intricate as the tale it tells, Timothée de Fombelle delivers an unforgettable story of a first love that defines a lifetime.

Joshua Pearl comes from a world that we no longer believe in — a world of fairy tale. He knows that his great love waits for him there, but he is stuck in an unfamiliar time and place — an old-world marshmallow shop in Paris on the eve of World War II. As his memories begin to fade, Joshua seeks out strange objects: tiny fragments of tales that have already been told, trinkets that might possibly help him prove his own story before his love is lost forever. Sarah Ardizzone and Sam Gordon translate the original French into a work both luminous and layered, enabling Timothée de Fombelle’s modern fairy tale to thrum with magic. Brimming with romance and history, mystery and adventure, this ode to the power of memory, storytelling, and love will ensnare any reader’s imagination and every reader’s heart.

This was a FANTASTIC read that is perfect for historical romance and fairy tale lovers! I fell in love with the prose and LOVED all the characters! This book was so awesome and went through a world within a world. I would highly recommend this book to any reader looking for something that will touch their heart.

Doing a mini review this time so we can devote more time to reading  📚📚📚 but this book is highly recommended for sure!

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  1. I always like things that touch my heart or make me feel good in some way. That’s why for instance I loved the movie Labyrinth. That was just such an incredibly magical movie 😊😊 This book sounds very beautiful. And five magical stars! That’s awesome. Great review sweetheart 😊😘

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