FREE 3 Month Kindle Unlimited Trial~Click My Link!

Hey everyone!!! I just wanted to tell you that currently Amazon is running a deal of 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for absolutely FREE!!! That’s right FREE! Valid until July 31st, 2019.

As an Amazon Affiliate it would build my stats back up if you go through my link to sign up for this completely free deal! No extra charges or anything like that. You will just be doing me a solid but either way I hope you can benefit from this deal regardless where you clickety click. 😆 Anywho, I got Kindle Unlimited with a credit I had last year for 3 months for 99 cents and I loved it. There were so many good ebooks and audio books! I use Text to Speech so make all my books audio due to dyslexia but that’s just another perk of reading books via Kindle or Kindle app! Anyway last year, I barely wanted to move. So I would lay there filled with grief and depression and the Kindle Unlimited membership became handy. Hell, books saved my bacon those days and they are still helping me heal. Anyway, if you love books even if just here and there, check this deal out. You can check it out through this link Click Me! or you can press the Amazon button above. I love you guys and hope life slows down so that I can bounce back even more! This community means the world to me! Have a great week guys. You rock!

12 Comments on “FREE 3 Month Kindle Unlimited Trial~Click My Link!

    • Thanks so much, Pete! It’s just that I have been working at some temp jobs and 3 kids takes a lot out of someone sometimes. I am still trying to play catch up from last years fallout. But regardless if they click through my blog or not, I hope the other book lovers out there get a piece of this deal! Thousands of free books! Anywho, I am rambling. I hope you have been doing well, my friend! Xoxoxo!❤💙😍

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  1. Thanks for your support….. I need to know about how to grow audience in my site….. Can you share me your experience Dani in crossing 1000 followers…. And do you think my stuff is worth reading??😞….

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    • I think you have good posts.😍 I use to have a lot of traffic but not like I use to because of being less active but the key to building your traffic is commenting on others posts as much as you can and then posting often. I use to do it daily. Also when posting, you want to add tags in the post settings like book review,books,book-blog. That’s a way to gather attention and the more that you comment and interact, the more others will interact with you. It takes time though. I slowed down majorly and my stats paid for it because of a family emergency but I received 1,000 followers on the first 6 months. All I did was stay active as much as possible, sharing the love and posting daily. I hope to get back to that but that’s all the advice I have, I believe.


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