My 6 year old’s theory of where babies come from!

I know I write mostly book reviews but I like throwing random ramblings in my blog as well. So, I need advice from other parents or anyone who can offer advice or have a reccomendation on my situation. So my middle child is 6 years old and his name is Gabriel. Gabe is my energetic, adhd, silly and rambuctuous child. Oh but most of all he has a great imagination. So his little brother is a year and a half and when he was younger he explained to me that “babies are made and mixed together with all the mama’s poop and after awhile and after shes thrown up enough and her belly is about to explode she poops out the baby, like massive bowel movement experience. So I try to hold myself together and not piss myself from laughter and try to tell him that’s not the case and didn’t really offer any more details or further information. I figured why not think we poop babies out sounds reasonable to me. The problem though comes that in class today they were taking turns talking about their families and my son decides to share this theory with his class. When other kids are talking about how there parents work as secretaries or construction workers or what not, my son is explaining “my mom got so large because she had all this backed up poop and it made a baby in her belly and she had to strain really hard and poop him out and make sure not to flush the toliet”. That is actually a less animated version of his speech. Now on the brightside when I recieved the phone call explaining my son’s behavior the teachers said he had a great imagination and good word usage. So what I want to know is, what do you tell your children or loved ones in this situation? My daughter is 9 and we never had this issue but my son is quite different. Does anyone reccomend a book or something for this. I figured the Everbody poops book wasn’t suitable but at the same time I admire his imagination. Please leave me your thoughts or your experiences! Hope everyone has a great Friday! I am new on here so would appreciate sharing the love with me.

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  1. I died laughing over here, what an imagination! I can totally see why he would think that. But oh, the going to school and sharing that info…I’ve been there. Last school year my daughter did something similar and explained how animals were exploited and tortured at slaughterhouses and went into graphic details over what happens. She goes to a Christian private school, so enough said. I actually thanked her for her honesty and standing up for her beliefs, but we had a long talk every day for the rest of the week about how at her age and the age of her peers, that their parents might get mad at how she said it. It somehow sunk in and never happened again, but I would personally stress long talks when there are no distractions.

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  2. Sorry, I don’t really have any advice to share but I will say he has an amazing imagination, got a good chuckle out of that story and hey it does fit the situation. 🙂

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  3. First, how cute is Gabriel?😊 Dani, he’s so adorable! As far as his theory on how babies are made, I think his is one of funniest and most imaginative ones I’ve heard over the years. I think if I had been the teacher, I probably would have had a tough time keeping a straight face!😂

    As for books, there’s one that immediately springs to mind and I believe most libraries own it. “It’s Not the Stork: A Book About Girls, Boys, Babies, Bodies, Families and Friends.”, by Robie Harris and illustrated by Michael Emberley. It’s been approved by childcare advocates and the language is perfect for a 6 year old. And the illustrations go perfectly with the text!😊

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    • Lmao! I love the “may the force be with you” tag! I love Star Wars not as much the new star wars.🤓🤘Also I knew you would be the perfect person for a book reccomendation whom better to ask than a Children’s libarian! He does have quite the imagination. Having me as a mom they all are a trip! My 9 year old daughter Zoey says “you’re wierd mommy but it’s okay you’re not too wierd for me she is my sweet girl and looks just like me I will have to post a pic of her and my chunky monkey w year old too. But the first thing everyone says she looks just like me. I know its bad but my kids sometimes will say “but my tits are calm mommy!” Gosh they are a trip! Thanks for the reccomendation and always sharing the love. You have made my blogging experience so much better and when you shared my blog it introduced me to new people! I hope you and your hubby are having a great night Kim!
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  4. My friends were shocked that I gave them the true story when they asked me. I tried to sound somewhat matter-of-fact and scientific, but yeah… my advice is to just tell him. The book by By Hook also sounds great. Kids gotta learn.

    As a side note: thanks for following my blog and I definitely recommend you work with your son on creating books with his stories. He can even include his own of computer generated illustrations. He’ll love them later on. And maybe he’ll be a writer or make movies!

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    • That’s great advice. I was considering that too if I could get him to keep it quiet lmao. I definetley will start having to do that he can’t write that great yet but I can definetley help him!


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