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Words and Images Us Bibliophiles Can Relate To

Good morning, atleast it is morning where I am! *I thought the above image was funny and I use the term “bitches” as a term of endearment!😉*

Hey everyone! I know it’s been awhile since I shared a post like this but want to get back to these bookish posts and funny images when I can. Since this is majority a book blog and I #lovelovelove BOOKS! I thought many of you could relate to these images!😊

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37 thoughts on “Words and Images Us Bibliophiles Can Relate To

  1. “Like a book recommending a person” I love that one too! I have to try so hard not to talk to someone who’s reading anything by James Herbert or Sarah Waters on my bus, I’m worried they’d think me weird, they be thinking right! 😂

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  2. Lol: still at work here, but on my break for dinner and seriously had to laugh so hard at these (some of my colleagues are looking at me as if I have turned mad lol 😂😂). But what a great post: these gifs were awesome and at the same time very relatable as well 😉 Thanks for this great post and once again putting a smile on my face. You are awesome 😊😍😊

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