*~Book Review: No Sad Songs by Frank Morelli~*

I want to thank the author for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review. I appreciate this opportunity and all views and opinions expressed are my own.


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Following a family tragedy, 18-year-old Gabe LoScuda suddenly finds himself thrust into the role of caregiver for his ailing grandfather. Between the shopping trips and the doctor visits with Grandpa, Gabe and his friend John try to salvage their senior year, meet girls, and make the varsity baseball team. It doesn’t take long for Gabe to realize that going to school and looking after a grandfather with Alzheimer’s is more work than he ever imagined. And when long-lost Uncle Nick appears on the scene, Gabe soon finds that living with Nick and Grandpa is like babysitting two grown men. Aside from John, the only person who truly understands Gabe is Sofia, a punk-rocking rebel he meets at the veteran’s hospital. When these three unlikely friends are faced with a serious dilemma, will they do what it takes to save Grandpa? If there’s a chance of preserving the final shreds of Grandpa’s dignity, Gabe may have to make the most gut-wrenching decision of his life—and there’s no way out.

What a freakin’ fantastic book! When Mr. Morelli contacted me about “No Sad Songs”, I was going to start taking a break from author requests to help myself catch up and what not. Well, I read the synopsis and saw the book cover and was SOLD!

From the very beginning, I was sucked into the story and so invested in Gabe. He made me laugh and my heart wrenched for him at the same time. I enjoyed seeing him grow as the story was told. I LOVED all the characters in this story including Grandpa! He was a bit wild at times…

Okay maybe not that kind of wild but he was something else!😘 As a caretaker of someone that I love and see the person that they were diminish because of a severe traumatic brain injury, I could relate in many ways to Gabe. I know every single day is a battle and so hard to see someone you love forget what happened five minutes ago and not be able to remember the past you shared. Different illness, same battle.

Reading this story, you can really see how connected the author was to this book and how much he invested in this story with the fantastic descriptions and real emotions. Mr. Morelli wove the perfect blend of emotions and reality to create a remarkable tale that I won’t soon forget. Also I have to add that I loved Sofia!😍🤘 Of course, I would adore an awesome punk rocker chick!😊

I’m so glad that I read this story and I highly recommend putting this one on your TBR!😄📚❤

Frank Morelli and I did an interview and you can find it here. I used one of his answers to tell you a little about him.


I’m from the Philadelphia area originally, but now I live just outside of Greensboro, NC with my best friend/partner in crime/chief critic, Alexandra, and our crazy gang of cats and dogs. We don’t have any children, but we’re passionate about rescuing animals, so the second we bought a house with a big, wooded backyard we adopted lots of pets. At the moment, we have two doggies (Stan and Brooklyn) and two cats (Jackie and Henry Aaron). Both of us are massive baseball fans, so we named our buddies after some of our favorite players and baseball towns. We spend the vast majority of our time reading, writing, editing, and cooking.


25 Comments on “*~Book Review: No Sad Songs by Frank Morelli~*

  1. Haha those gifts made me laugh so hard…haha lol 😂😂😂
    This really sounds like such a wonderful book. After having read your interview with the author I was already looking forward to your review and it did not surprise me in the least that it got a five star rating from you. I love the premise and I think it’s a terrific and heartwarming tale..especially because it’s a story that pretty much cam from Franks’ heart, which makes it an even better read in all likelyhood. Terrific review that I loved reading from beginning to end 😘😘 ❤️❤️

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks so much, Michel! I LOVED this book! He really did such a FANTASTIC job with this story! It was so humorous yet so real and deep at the same time. His descriptions were great! Thank you so much for showing all your support, Michel! Whenever you get around to this one, I know you will enjoy it!❤❤❤ You are the BEST!❤ xoxoxox Thanks for being such a supportive friend!💙💙💙

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are very welcome 😘❤️ I definitely think I would enjoy it as I always love watching/reading feel good type of stories. Especially when they are written by someone that also can relate to the subject matter.
        Thanks for sharing this and the wonderful review you wrote for it. It was awesome 😘😘❤️❤️

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. Loving the grandpa getting some ‘booty action’! That’s a good tip for me, in another few years! 🙂 x
    Gabe La Scouda again? Must be the same book. Deja Vu for me anyway.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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