*~💖Badass Bookish Tattoos📚~*

I am so crazy over these tattoos! If I had the money I would have a sleeve of tats like these. All of them are calling my name! I’m just peanut butter and jealous of these fantastic tattoos! Great artwork and hope ya’ll enjoy as well!

This one isn’t exactly bookish but Belle is known as the bookish princess and she’s the best! This tat is gorgeous! Major kudos!

Because cats and books are just awesome!

This librarian is badass!

Soooooo pretty…😮😮😮


Those watercolours!!!! Wow!!! So beautiful and bookish!🤤💖📚🌈

Tattoo Bookish Quotes!🌈💖📚

Because simplicity can be great and beautiful all the same🤗🌈

I hope ya’ll are having a fantastic weekend! Did any of this tattoos peak your interest? Do you have any suggestions on a bookish tattoo? Does anyone have a bookish tattoo? Sadly I have 21 tattoos but not one book themed maybe because I haven’t been tatted up in years but seeing these pics now I’m feigning! Thanks for visiting my post! Peace and love baby!💖📚✌

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      1. Well my guy is a super conservative, preppy dude who met and fell for a tatted girl w/ piercings and purple hair 😂 I made him a deal. Happy to say I’ve trained him well over the years and he’s now open-minded to so much more 😉

        I would love Alice talking to the caterpillar on the mushroom 😊

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      2. Awww what a sweet love story of boy meets girl!!♡😍🌈 That is an awesome tattoo idea! I have the opposite in my love life totally open minded and wants me to get more tats and piercings! I need to put my piercings back in they got lost and my face feels naked! Lol.


      3. Lol! I took my belly out for surgery like a million years ago and never bothered to put it back in because it required pliers lol. I should never have had piercings. Too much work. Now I just have random holes everywhere lol

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    1. I know right?!!! The stained glass Beauty and Beast one was so beautiful I couldn’t help but add it. I actually thought of you when I first saw it! I know how much you love Beauty and the Beast!!! Oh I had a question have you seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie yet? The one starring Emma Watson. If so was it good? I was thinking about having some girl time with my daughter and was thinking of a movie we both could like.


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